1991 Isuzu Amigo Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1991 Isuzu Amigo

1991 Isuzu Amigo Problems

AC may stop working due to failed evaporator thermostat

The air conditioner may stop working due to icing up of the evaporator, generally caused but a faulty evaporator thermostat. Replacement of the failed evaporator thermostat will be required to correct this concern.

Engine oil leak from distributor shaft

An oil leak may develop from the distributor shaft. Our technicians tell us that affected distributors will require replacement to correct this concern.

Knocking noise from steering column

A knocking noise may be noted from the steering column, commonly caused by a faulty steering shaft joint. Replacement of the failed part will be required to correct the condition.

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1991 Isuzu Amigo Questions

Having trouble replacing timimg belt. Need help to properly adjust and install (2 answers)

I did a valve job,installed cylinder head,new timing belt,went to time belt,timing mark on cam shaft ,cant find mark on plate behind cam shaft gear.

cause of severe engine ping undel light load at all speeds (2 answers)

it has only 76000 miles. have cleaned the maf sensor, new plugs. added sea foam to the gas twice. fresh coolant and t-stat. still no change. idles ok and runs smooth.??????

can the intake and the head come out of the car as one unit? (1 answer)

seems it would be easier to separate the head from the intake on the bench instead of fighting it in the car. can the intake and head come out of the car as one unit? thanks.

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1991 Isuzu Amigo Recalls

Recall 93E023000

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