2007 Infiniti M45 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2007 Infiniti M45

2007 Infiniti M45 Questions

I want to recharge my A/C but i cannot find my AC lowside port. (1 answer)

How to fix rough shifting transmission (1 answer)

When i select gears my car feels like it slams into the certain gear. And when i shift from park to reverse the car sometimes makes a really loud clunking noise. Could this be because of low fluid?

Hello, driving to school the morning I noticed suddenly on the freeway around 2000rpm my car would make a metallic grinding noise and then would stop after a second or two. It continued to do this when off the freeway and driving up hill. (1 answer)

86,500 miles on her. I know there is also some suspension work that needs to be done but that's in the rear.

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2007 Infiniti M45 Recalls

Engine Stall Concern

On nearly all cars on the road today the engine idle speed is computer controlled. These vehicles are being recalled because the idle may be to low as a result of a sensor failure causing the computer to operate in the fail-safe (limp home) mode. In the limp home mode, the computer will not properly adjust for variations in the engine idle speed. As a result the engine can stall unexpectedly at idle or when coming to a stop. The sensor causing this concern is the accelerator pedal position sensor. Dealers will replace the accelerator pedal assembly and reprogram the engine control module to correct this concern.

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