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2003 Infiniti M45

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2003 Infiniti M45 Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

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The crankshaft angle sensor or the camshaft position sensor can fail and cause loss of engine power, an engine that cuts out, and other drivability problems. This will cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Certain models have been involved in a recall to replace the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. For more information on this rec...

2003 Infiniti M45 Recalls (Recent)

Electrical & Lights, March 5, 2012

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Due to a circuit board failure, the fuel gauge may indicate a fuel level higher than what actually exists. As a result, the vehicle may run out of gas without warning, causing the vehicle to stall, which can cause a crash. Dealers will modify the affected circuit board to correct this concern.

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Engine, December 22, 2003

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The circuit board for the crank position sensor and cam position sensor may have improper solder joints. This could cause the Service Engine Soon lamp to come on, the engine may not start, you could experience reduced power, or the engine may stall without warning, which could result in a crash. Dealers will replace the the crank position sensor, cam position sensors, and in some cases, the variable timing control sensors. The recall began on December 22, 2003. The Nissan recall number is R2022 and the Infiniti recall number is R3021.

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2003 Infiniti M45 Questions and Answers

spark plug, 2003 Infiniti M45, Mableton, GA

how much will it cust me to replace my timing chane

spark plug, 2003 Infiniti M45, Mableton, GA

can i please get price on how much it will cust me to replace my engine

Visitor, 2003 Infiniti M45, La Verne, CA

I have keyless entry on my vehicle. While changing the battery a little piece of what I think is carbon fell out and I lost it. Now the key will not work. I went to the dealer and they do not carry...

Dr. Senior, 2003 Infiniti M45, Stillwater, OK

The gas hand in my car is never right, When it is empty it shows half a tank left till empty. it took me a while to notice my car was just running out of gas and not a serious problem. what is this...

Laronb, 2003 Infiniti M45, Springfield, TN

For some reason or another there is a a LOUD knocking sound coming from my engine after starting it up on a cold days. It normally last for a few minutes until the vehicle is warmed up. I noticed ...

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2003 Infiniti M45 Reviews

LOVE this car... brake rotors warped (improper lug nut tightening or heat?) but replaced them with drilled rotors and have had no other issues. Only repair in seven years and 75k miles has been an EGR sensor. Looking at suspension maintenance soon, and wishing there were more aftermarket upgrades around for this model.

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