1997 Infiniti J30 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1997 Infiniti J30

A low or unstable idle may develop due to varnish deposits in the throttle body. Our technicians tell us that cleaning the throttle body with an approved cleaner should correct this concern.

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an EVAP system charcoal canister purge control valve fault. Our technicians tell us that if the valve requires replacement, a revised part is available which should be installed.

Loss of electrical power to various accessories may be caused by a sticking ignition switch. Our technicians recommend replacing the electrical portion of the ignition switch if this fault occurs.

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Where or what website is the best place to find headlight assembly, fan assembly, and a hood. I believe I need a radiator brace also front bumper and grille. I had a front end accident and just having a little trouble finding parts.

This stalling problem has been happening allot. I have parked the car to figure out why. I had an oil change last week and had it inspected. I was told the left catalytic convertor was leaking and would need replacing soon. I have been looking at parts online and found 2.

One does not ha...

At first my stereo would cut in and out on my speakers, I could only hear it on driver front. If I kind of pressed on the face plate of stereo and hold a little pressure on it with my finger, it would come back on for a second or so. Then sometimes if i hit a bump in road it would just shut off...

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