1996 Infiniti J30 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1996 Infiniti J30

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1996 Infiniti J30 Problems

Low or Unstable Idle Due to Varnish Deposits in the Throttle Body

A low or unstable idle may develop due to varnish deposits in the throttle body. Our technicians tell us that cleaning the throttle body with an approved cleaner should correct this concern.

A "clunking noise" When the Automatic Transmission is Initially Shifted Into Forward or Reverse

A "clunking noise" may be noted when the vehicle is initially started and the automatic transmission is shifted into forward or reverse, Our technicians tall us this is a normal operation of the Anti lock brake system (ABS) and is of no concern.

Check Engine Light With Throttle Position Switch Fault Codes

The Check Engine Light may illuminate with throttle position switch fault codes stored. Our technicians tell us a revised throttle position switch is available to correct this concern.

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1996 Infiniti J30 Questions

lost keys & don't have the key code- 96 j30 (1 answer)

I lost the keys to my 1996 Infiniti J30, and am being asked for the key code in order to make a replacement key for it. I looked in the owners manual and there is no key code written in there, all it says is that the code is written on a "key plate" that would have been given with the o...

How much time do it take to put on a knock sensor&check the idle ctrl system (1 answer)

why does my 96 infiniti j30 shutoff while driving (1 answer)

just had the check engine light took off cause of a code on there p0443 but now its still shuts off what could that be i had the part fixed thought i wont lose power any more

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