1996 Infiniti I30 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1996 Infiniti I30

1996 Infiniti I30 Problems

The evaporative emission control valve may fail, causing the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

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1996 Infiniti I30 Questions

I t appears to work ut is not going past 40MPH

check engine light came on. egr valve code and knock sensor code came on. egr valve replaced and 2 injectors but gas still leaking and sometimes white smoke comes out of the tail pipe than it clears up. i was also informed that the heating coil is completely out. Had the valve cover gasket rep...

I did all the necessary repair needed for my 1996 Infiniti I30t check engine light which was my upstream o2 sensors, i then clear the code, i've been driving for over 3 weeks now and all my readiness monitors has reset but my Catalyst.There is no check engine light on and the car is running v...

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1996 Infiniti I30 Reviews

I love my 1996 Infiniti I30!! I bot her in 1998 at the Neillo Infiniti dealership in Concord, CA when she had only 22,000 miles - dealer buyback. She now has 344,000 miles and still runs like a top! I replaced the water pump at 190,000 miles, and that has been it as far as mechanical issues. I have the oil & filter changed every 4,000 miles, and I still get 25.4 mpg--and she runs on regular ...

My 1996 Infiniti I 30 is not starting correctly. It does turn over but just bogs out after a few turns. It does take a jump start and starts up and will run down the road but then dies again and takes another jump and drives alittle again. I have put a new alternator in it, and a Belt, changed batteries, charged, etc, Not sure what else it could be. Have any idea, Its hard in the winter and ...

My 1996 Infiniti I-30 has a 2 small leak circles near the right front side of the car. Wherever I park I come out and see these 2 oil spots. Anyone had the same problem?

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