1996 Infiniti I30 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1996 Infiniti I30

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1996 Infiniti I30 Problems

Mass Air Flow Sensor May Fail

The mass air flow (MAF) sensor may fail, resulting in drivability issues and/or illumination of the Check Engine Light.

Check engine light due to failed EVAP control valve

The evaporative emission control valve may fail, causing the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

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1996 Infiniti I30 Questions

Will not start... (1 answer)

Ever since suddenly dying one day all my car will do is click click click...

computer code and oxygen sensorer (1 answer)

i dropped 3gs into my car as soon as i got the car off of the buy here pay here i was pissed but i got what i needed. now pep boys wont touch my car because my oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1 keeps going out but they failed to tell me my computer was not communicationg with my car right is thi a ch...

Was it a recall for a problem with the ignition (1 answer)

Where you put the key at or for the cylinder

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1996 Infiniti I30 Reviews

based on 4 customer reviews
I bought my I 30 in 2010 believe me when I say it had 21,000 miles on it. I now have 69 k and nothing is wrong --so far. The only 2 reasons someone would sell a car is (1) they are tired of the cars looks or (2) it is costing to much in repairs. I am now single and don't need a 4 door sedan. in southern California ( Mazda Miata time ) If the Miata runs as good as the I 30 I will be happy-happy-...
My 1996 Infiniti I-30 has a 2 small leak circles near the right front side of the car. Wherever I park I come out and see these 2 oil spots. Anyone had the same problem?
My 1996 Infiniti I 30 is not starting correctly. It does turn over but just bogs out after a few turns. It does take a jump start and starts up and will run down the road but then dies again and takes another jump and drives alittle again. I have put a new alternator in it, and a Belt, changed batteries, charged, etc, Not sure what else it could be. Have any idea, Its hard in the winter and ...

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