2008 Infiniti G37 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Infiniti G37

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2008 Infiniti G37 Problems

The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light May Illuminate With Code C1142

The traction control/anti-lock brake system (ABS)/Slip warning light may illuminate with code C1142 stored, Our technicians suggest that if the brake light switch and brake pedal are operating correctly, the ABS control module and actuator may require replacement.


Check Engine Light With Code P0603

A weak battery may result in illumination of the Check Engine Light with fault code P0603 stored.

A "tapping sound" From the Drivers Side of the Engine

A "tapping sound" may develop from the drivers side of the engine. The noise may be associated with the variable valve event and lift actuator. Our technicians tell us a software update for the powertrain control module (PCM) is available to correct this issue.

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2008 Infiniti G37 Questions


Window doesn't roll down or up, tried the reset, replaced the motor, regulator. Still didn't fix the problem.

It will automatically roll up when car is in the "ON" position but that's only from the point when you open the door and it rolls down a inch.

Has anyone exper...

Car has 63K miles on it. Out of the blue it started idling very rough, (1 answer)

hesitating, to the point it might not take off when making a left turn. It even seems to have trouble deciding which gear to be in. At 70MPH it seems to run smooth.. Sometimes idling north of 2000 RPMS. Service Engine soon light (not blinking) is on and so is the traction control light for an...

What is keeping air from blowing out of airvents?? (1 answer)

Compressor clicks when being turned on

Prior to my problem a loud noise would only ne heard when turninng the a/c
Onto the on position

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2008 Infiniti G37 Recalls

Passenger Air Bag May Not Deploy

This recall affects certain vehicles equipped Occupant Classification System (OCS) control units manufactured by Continental Automotive Systems. A varistor in the OCS control unit may have been manufactured out of specification. Under certain conditions, this could interupt the signal between the OCS and the air bag control unit (ACU), causing the passenger air bag to be suppressed in an accident. If the air bag does not deploy when needed in a crash, the risk of injury is increased. Dealers will test the signal between the OCS and ACU with a special tool to verify proper function. The seat cushion containing the OCS hardware will be replaced as necessary. The recall began November 4, 2008.

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2008 Infiniti G37 Reviews

I love my G37S. The driving experience is wonderful. It's not quite as luxurious as the Lexus IS series on the inside, but it's real close. And what it lacks there it more than makes up for in sportiness.

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