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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2002 Infiniti G20

2002 Infiniti G20

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2002 Infiniti G20 Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The EGR passageways may become clogged.

2002 Infiniti G20 Questions and Answers

eljay, 2002 Infiniti G20, Las Vegas, NV

What should I check for? where is fuse location?

Wokon, 2002 Infiniti G20, Glen Cove, NY

When the heater is turned on, a strong coolant smell can be detected in the passenger compartment

lelula, 2002 Infiniti G20, Falls Church, VA

Twice my 2002 Infiniti G20 has emitted a strong gasoline smell from the ac. Both times it was over 80F outside and the car had been in use for 20 minutes with a 15 minute break and then another 20...

johnlong623, 2002 Infiniti G20, Beaumont, TX

My car was stuck in a flood, it had about a gallon of water in the engine... We dried it out, changed the spark plugs, it fires right up but makes a winding sound and idles really rough.. as soon a...

johnlong623, 2002 Infiniti G20, Beaumont, TX

How would i get water out of the gas lines when my car wont stay running for 1 minute.? im changing out my throttle body, and changing the oil. what is the easiest and quickest way to get the water...

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2002 Infiniti G20 Reviews

Perfect sedan for drivers. Excellent handling, good ergonomics, outstanding fuel economy, and easy to maintain. If you aren't a do it yourselfer, repairs can be costly.

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