2002 Infiniti G20 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2002 Infiniti G20

2002 Infiniti G20 Questions

My brakes peddle started to vibrate when coming to a complete stop. (1 answer)

The next day I drove it and try to put in drive the engine turned off

Dashboard light (1 answer)

The dashboard light is quite dim.What is the reason for this? How can this issue be resolved?

does a 2000-2002 Honda accord headlamps fit a 2002 infinity g20? (1 answer)

i was just wondering if it can fit my g20 because they have the same shape and everything so can you please help me i don't want to purchase some and end up not fitting my car

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2002 Infiniti G20 Reviews

based on 3 customer reviews
G20 02 - Very good car overall. Minimal Problems. 33 mpg - comfortable. Corners well, ride is good. Radio is good. Sunroof nice. With base car which is loaded usually. Cheap to buy tires, 15 size. Cup-holders stink - one weakness area to many power steering lines, that are numerous. must be 6-7 hoses. Have changed 3 so far. Other wise no major trouble with car. Like all new cars not as easy t...
Good car overall. Cheap on fuel. No power house. But you can run 60-70 all day long. Nice interior. Nice sunroof. Decent radio Not to many cup holders.
Perfect sedan for drivers. Excellent handling, good ergonomics, outstanding fuel economy, and easy to maintain. If you aren't a do it yourselfer, repairs can be costly.

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