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1999 Infiniti G20

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1999 Infiniti G20 Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The EGR passageways may become clogged.

1999 Infiniti G20 Questions and Answers

memaw, 1999 Infiniti G20, Marina, CA

after car is turned off, there is a humming sound that contiues for 15 secs.

ivar, 1999 Infiniti G20, Trinidad, CA

when car is warmed up good, then switched off an left for 15mins and i attempt to restart sometimes it starts and dies twice. i just tap the gas pedal a little to keep it from dying. when released ...

fishpick22, 1999 Infiniti G20, Santa Paula, CA

How do I adjust the headlites

briana1382, 1999 Infiniti G20, Saint Petersburg, FL

Belt is squealing at start up and the car now wont start. A friend looked and said it was the serpentine belt?

Visitor, 1999 Infiniti G20, Riverdale, CA

what is code PO325 and how to fix it

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1999 Infiniti G20 Reviews

I bought my 1999 G20 5 speed as a new left over model in june of 2000. It now has 209000 miles on and still has the original rear brakes. The front brakes were replaced at 120000 and the starter was replaced at 140000 miles. I also had new belts put on at 180000. I have had the car serviced regularly every 5000 miles since I bought it, but have only had the above mentioned repairs. Of course I have had batteries and tires replaced as needed. I'm sorry Infiniti doesn't make these anymore

Bought mine in very good condition with 136,000 miles in 2009. It had been owned by college daughter of an affluent lawyer, so it was well maintained. Paid $2800! It was great for first 10K miles...then the alternator went. Replaced it myself...not too difficult, just a little time consuming. Subsequently, radiator cracked. Replaced that myself too - very easy, got a good deal on eBay for a new one with lifetime guaranty.
Next was front wheel bearings...my mechanic did that repair with my parts. Then the new alternator went with only 10k miles on it. It was faulty. Had a lifetime warranty from Advance Auto so I got a new one - no charge, but had to put it back in myself, again. Easier second time - getting to be an expert at this. Now have 156,000 miles on it. Check Engine light just lit. Code reader says P0138. Looks like Rear O2 Sensor is going. Pretty cheap part. I'll do this myself too. Despite these problems, this is a really nice car. I use it for commuting only (56 miles RT per day) and it gets 25 - 31 mpg, depending on traffic speed. The items which have failed are beyond projected life-cycle for the most part, so I'm not complaining...plus I got it for below book with great service records showing responsible service. You can save a lot of money if you do the repairs yourself. Second best is to find a good, honest mechanic. Never go to an Infiniti dealer, unless you want to spend 200%-300% more than a private mechanic. Believe it or not, I would buy another one of these. They are comfortable, fun to drive and prestigious. The only improvement Infiniti could have made is offering either a manual transmission, or better yet, a stronger engine. These are a little under powered, particularly noticeable with the AC on...wish they had made a convertible...The only problem I currently have that I can't figure out is a rattle/thumping coming from down below my left foot on the driver's side? Got any ideas? I know it had new axles installed by the previous owner right before I bought it...maybe this is a strut problem???
Nevertheless, if you've got one...Enjoy it!

I bought the car in 2008 with 103000 miles. This car has been nothing but problems avoid at all costs!!! The 1st of many issues happened at 107000 miles when the motor went out 3100.00. The radiator went out next followed by the heating and air conditioner. The alternator and belts were next. The fans went out next. The front shocks and struts had to be replaced next. The starter followed along with the brakes due to excessive vibrarions when hitting the brakes. Some power steerin unit went out in the middle of winter making it impossible to turn the steering wheel. The check engine light is now on due to something electrical. The transmission has now begun to slip. All in all this car has been nothing but a headache buy something new instead of this piece of junk.

Beautiful car, love the way it run truly in love with this car.

Great car. Going at over 150,000 miles. Original transmission working pretty well. Pretty easy service-wise, with the exception of the front end which has had a number of problems, especially relating to snow belt rust issues. Super engine, but would be much happier with room to breathe in a manual transmission. Highly recommended for the Accord/ Camry buyer who wants to get a better deal. This car is based a on a time tested reliable Euro car platform and is not some short lived luxury trial model.

I bought mine for under $4000 at 120, 000.

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