1999 Infiniti G20 Repair and Maintenance

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Infiniti G20
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1999 Infiniti G20
$325 to $439
1999 Infiniti G20
$326 to $463
1999 Infiniti G20
$905 to $1,375
1999 Infiniti G20
$162 to $237
1999 Infiniti G20
$110 to $141

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Bought mine in very good condition with 136,000 miles in 2009. It had been owned by college daughter of an affluent lawyer, so it was well maintained. Paid $2800! It was great for first 10K miles...then the alternator went. Replaced it myself...not too difficult, just a little time consuming. Subsequently, radiator cracked. Replaced that myself too - very easy, got a good deal on eBay for a new...

I bought the car in 2008 with 103000 miles. This car has been nothing but problems avoid at all costs!!! The 1st of many issues happened at 107000 miles when the motor went out 3100.00. The radiator went out next followed by the heating and air conditioner. The alternator and belts were next. The fans went out next. The front shocks and struts had to be replaced next. The starter followed along...

Great car. Going at over 150,000 miles. Original transmission working pretty well. Pretty easy service-wise, with the exception of the front end which has had a number of problems, especially relating to snow belt rust issues. Super engine, but would be much happier with room to breathe in a manual transmission. Highly recommended for the Accord/ Camry buyer who wants to get a better deal. This...

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