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2005 Hyundai Tiburon

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2005 Hyundai Tiburon Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

Prior to replacing the automatic transmission fluid (to improve shift quality), make sure that the transmission fluid level is correct. Also, make sure the computer that controls the transmission has the most up-to-date adaptive programming information. When servicing these transmissions be sure to use fluid approved by Hyundai.

2005 Hyundai Tiburon Recalls (Recent)

Suspension & Steering, April 8, 2005

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The steering gearbox assembly's left and right inner ball joint assemblies may contain internal cracks in the material. This may allow the inner ball joint to break away, separating the tie rod from the steering gearbox. This would prevent steering control to the wheel with the separated tie rod, which could cause a crash. Dealers will replace the steering gearbox assemblies free of charge. All owners were notified by telephone on April 8, 2005, and instructed not to drive their vehicles. Hyundai arranged for the pickup and return of the vehicles. The Hyundai recall number is 069.

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2005 Hyundai Tiburon Questions and Answers

NJOHN, 2005 Hyundai Tiburon, 2.7L V6, Lexington Park, MD

Driver side window works fine. Passenger side window will not go up or down.

dlhillsdale, 2005 Hyundai Tiburon, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Hillsdale, MI

My clutch went right to the floor in the middle of a shift, the pedal just dangles their, when i checked the fluid it was empty, I can find no signs of fluid leaking out. When I tryed to fill it ba...

sandykelly, 2005 Hyundai Tiburon, 2.7L V6, Sophia, WV

My air vent in the dash is broken. I have a new one and was told to remove the glove box to get into the dash and install the new one. Will removing the glove box damage the air bag in any way?

sardnn, 2005 Hyundai Tiburon, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Brigham City, UT

I just recived a check engine light yesterday on my Hyundai Tiburon and took it to Autozone to run a check engine light test on it. The codes that came back were P0171 and P0170? The possible probl...

zzriczz, 2005 Hyundai Tiburon, New Castle, PA

how would i change my front brake rotors on a 2005 tiburon?

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2005 Hyundai Tiburon Reviews

I bought the car brand new in 2005, have over 100,000 miles on the car now. Love the car and how it handles. No problems with engine, transmission, or brakes. Paint came off gas cap and spoiler. Had O2 sensor replaced last month for smog check. Sensor won't reset and car cant be smogged until it does. No one can figure out why.

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