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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

2004 Hyundai Tiburon

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2004 Hyundai Tiburon Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

If the alternator fails, it should be replaced with an improved design which is better able to replenish electrical power to the battery. The new alternator requires a different diameter drive belt.

2004 Hyundai Tiburon Questions and Answers

bruiser103086, 2004 Hyundai Tiburon, 2.7L V6, National City, CA

I've got a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 2.7L 172hp engine. I just got an all of a sudden loss in acceleration/power. It is a 5 speed manual, and it has no accel at all. It took me about a min...

GDaddy, 2004 Hyundai Tiburon, 2.7L V6, Harrodsburg, KY

how often do i need to change the timing belt??

christa10, 2004 Hyundai Tiburon, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Newfoundland, NJ

After the snow storm this week my drivers side wiper is not working but the passenger side works fine. When I move it manually it moves freely. What could it be?

cfox, 2004 Hyundai Tiburon, 6 Cylinder, Oroville, CA

I took my tib in to get the oil changed and included the routine maint. I thought it included adjusting the timing chain/belt. When I picked it up, it made a funny noise, but no one but me heard it...

Visitor, 2004 Hyundai Tiburon, 2.7L V6, Cornelius, OR

Where is the o2 sensor located on the Hyundai Tiburon 6/speed?

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2004 Hyundai Tiburon Reviews

Bought my 2004 Tiburon new. It had a "Phantom" noise in the back for the first few years, but then it went away. The car has been great. The headlights suck on it. I tried better bulbs and cleaning the covers, but nothing helped. I moved to rural MN and felt like I was driving blind. Oh, the tires suck too. They are a sports car type of tire so don't try to drive in snow with them. I had to buy new tires when I moved to MN. Actually, this car really has no business being in MN. LOL. Mine eats tires and lightbulbs. Not sure why. I'm getting HID bulbs put in this week. It is fun to drive. Slow...like really slow...like I have to turn off my A/C to pass someone. I get a lot of compliments because it's so sharp looking.

I think I got the lemon on the lot. I bought it used, and have had it in the shop for major repairs every other month. By major, I mean timing belt and water pump, body control module, besides the usual maint. like new tires (within three months). They charged me high retail, and used alot of double talk. Very disappointed in the dealership, the car, and myself for buying it on an impulse because it was cute. That came with a price, too, my car insurance doubled! It's as much as my payment. Add the repairs, and you get one of the dumbest things I've ever done, was to buy the tiberon.

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