2007 Hummer H3 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2007 Hummer H3

2007 Hummer H3 Problems

A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

The engine may develop a misfire due to worn valve seats. This fault will cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Replacement of the cylinder head may be required to correct this concern.

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2007 Hummer H3 Questions

how long do leaf springs last?

We'll, I don't know how to describe the shake.
All I know is that the car shakes to the point that it can be felt on the seats.
I don't know where this comes from.

Regarding my visit to the dealer, the dealer inspected the car and said:
There was carbon on some stuff and they c...

5 months ago i had to replace the input sensor tranny had to be taken out and it sits in hot tranny fluid. Now im having the same issue its burnt up again. when this happens car tacks up in the red and it doesnt shift ... is this an ongoing issue or do i need to get a new transmission and anyone ...

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2007 Hummer H3 Recalls

The retaining clips on the non-functional hood louver could brake. The louver could become loose and/or separate from the vehicle. If this were to happen while the vehicle is in motion, personal injury or property damage could result. Dealers will apply adhesive to the underside of the hood louver to secure it. The recall is scheduled to begin on April 12, 2010. The General Motors recall number is 10088.

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2007 Hummer H3 Reviews

Love the vehicle. Used to have an H1 as a company vehicle and fell in love with them. As a private buyer and not a business the H3 fit the bill. Not as bad on gas as I thought it would be, I am averaging about 19-20 MPG. I have taken it rock climbing and found it a very capable off road vehicle and I like the size and weight for in town and highway driving. It makes me feel safe and it stil...

Just bought this H3. Bought it for its weight (far better than the Colorado it is built on)and the full time 4WD. For the lead foots in your household--I have two, it keeps the car on the road, the tires off the curbs, and the back end from swerving into the opposing land. Still need more clearance for off roading. BUT IS IS CALLED A TACTICAL EDITION. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? NO TOP LIGHTS, A...

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