2008 Honda S2000 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Honda S2000

Repair Estimates

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2008 Honda S2000
$238 to $810
2008 Honda S2000
$29 to $65
2008 Honda S2000
$208 to $824
2008 Honda S2000
$376 to $1,200
2008 Honda S2000
$347 to $755

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There are known convertible top issues.

A problem can occur with a vibrating expansion valve in the AC system and cause a whistling noise from the passengers vent. Replacing the expansion valve with an updated valve from Honda will repair this problem.

Some S2000's can develop a problem with the transmission popping out of fourth gear. A new updated fourth and fifth gear assembly will repair the problem. The transmission will have to be removed and disassembled for this repair.

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2008 Honda S2000 CR Rear tires pretty much go every 10,000 miles even when driving calmly the whole time. The exhaust is not loud at all; in fact, under heavy acceleration, the driver notices engine noise more than exhaust note. The 6-speed manual transmission has to be the greatest shifter put in a production car, south of supercar territory. The cupholders are pretty much useless. I just use...

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