2003 Honda S2000 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Honda S2000

2003 Honda S2000 Problems

Check engine light due to binding gas cap
A binding gas cap due to a faulty filler neck can cause the Check Engine light (MIL) to illuminate. Replacing the filler neck will address this concern.
AC Expansion Valve May Cause Whistling Sound When AC is Turned On

A problem can occur with a vibrating expansion valve in the AC system and cause a whistling noise from the passengers vent. Replacing the expansion valve with an updated valve from Honda will repair this problem.

Convertible tops may have problems

There are known convertible top issues.

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2003 Honda S2000 Questions

Shifting problem (1 answer)

I have noticed that over the last week or so it seemed to be getting difficullt to shift to 1st, 6th, and reverse. Today it has been even more so, and reverse nearly impossible. Any ideas?


park brake light? (1 answer)

i recently changed the pads and rotors on my buddies 2002 S2000. After i was finished the dummy light for the park brake stays on. Does the sensor have to reset? Set to a certain depth? Or did i just possibly mess up the sensor? Can i check it for ohms or voltage to see if the sensors faulty?

vehicle not starting (2 answers)

every time i fill gas at a petrol station
my car would not start & after long cranking it starts , pls let me know the cause

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