2008 Honda Ridgeline Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Honda Ridgeline

2008 Honda Ridgeline
$348 to $846
2008 Honda Ridgeline
$289 to $472
2008 Honda Ridgeline
$520 to $1,147
2008 Honda Ridgeline
$453 to $1,521
2008 Honda Ridgeline
$123 to $251

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Some models have a problem were the transmission won't shift into fourth gear intermittently. This problem can commonly be repaired with a software update from Honda.

On some models a poor connection in the radio antenna harness and sub harness can cause static when going over bumps. Replacing the antenna harness and sub harness will commonly repair this problem.

A sensor rod that is too long can cause the tailgate not to open in the swing mode. Replacing the sensor rod will commonly correct this issue.

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happens constantly

I replaced fuse in the #5 spot under the hood, still outlets do not work

2008 Honda Ridgeline- engine fan keeps running (30 min or more) after engine is shut off- causes battery to go dead.

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The hood support rod may not be strong enough to support the hood, and could fail. Dealers will inspect the prop rod base hole and install reinforcement parts as necessary free of charge to resolve the concern.

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80,000 miles, rear main seal leaking, head light lense fading. Over all the truck has serviced me very good. Do not understand 80,000 miles rear seal leaking. Maybe a bad seal from honda.

A solid, good riding quaility vehicle. Typical Honda quality. I have owned four straight Honda's and never been disappointed.

Leased a 2007 Ridgeline new and liked it so much I extended the lease and may purchase one soon. Put 52,000 on it, rides great and pleanty of truck for the suburbs, no problems so far. Quality is high, even the interior finish is well made. Recently carried three stories of scaffling in truck no problem. Replaced brakes at 40,000, surprisingly the rear brakes went first and fronts soon after. O...

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