2008 Honda Ridgeline Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Honda Ridgeline

2008 Honda Ridgeline Problems

Tailgate Will Not Open Because Sensor Rod is Too Long

A sensor rod that is too long can cause the tailgate not to open in the swing mode. Replacing the sensor rod will commonly correct this issue.

Software Update Will Fix Problem When Shifting into Fourth Gear

Some models have a problem were the transmission won't shift into fourth gear intermittently. This problem can commonly be repaired with a software update from Honda.

Shim to Correct Chirping Timing Belt

A chirp noise from the timing belt area can be caused by a tilted idler pulley. Installing a corrective shim from Honda will commonly correct this issue.

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2008 Honda Ridgeline Questions

Our 2008 Honda Ridgeline engine light & VTM4, lights are on. replaced the spark plugs, EGR valve, and now codes read all 6 cylinders are not firing (according to the tech) what to do next? thought about replacing the oxygen sensor... (1 answer)

The car idles rough & a little sluggish to drive. Is it recommended to drive the car at this time? Tech cleared the codes & said to drive it as much as I can before bringing it in so the codes come up for diagnosis. Please advise.

my mileage lights keep blinking and scrambling the numbers (2 answers)

happens constantly

Is it common for engine mount bushing(front in particular) to leak or wear out? (1 answer)

My Ridgeline has been driven very gently and been maintained very well. Took it to Honda dealer today for trans fuid flush(exchange). My Ridgeline has 74509 miles on it. I was told the enigine mounts front in particular needed to be replaced. I must admit I was shocked!

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2008 Honda Ridgeline Recalls

Driver's Frontal Air Bag Inflator Ruptures And Sprays Metal Fragments

The driver's frontal air bag inflator may be susceptible to moisture intrusion, which over time could cause the inflator to rupture. If this happens, it would spray metal fragments upon deployment. Dealers will replace the driver's frontal air bag inflator free of charge to resolve the concern.

Hood Support Rod Fails

The hood support rod may not be strong enough to support the hood, and could fail. Dealers will inspect the prop rod base hole and install reinforcement parts as necessary free of charge to resolve the concern.

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2008 Honda Ridgeline Reviews

80,000 miles, rear main seal leaking, head light lense fading. Over all the truck has serviced me very good. Do not understand 80,000 miles rear seal leaking. Maybe a bad seal from honda.
Leased a 2007 Ridgeline new and liked it so much I extended the lease and may purchase one soon. Put 52,000 on it, rides great and pleanty of truck for the suburbs, no problems so far. Quality is high, even the interior finish is well made. Recently carried three stories of scaffling in truck no problem. Replaced brakes at 40,000, surprisingly the rear brakes went first and fronts soon after. O...
have had vehicle for 16 months and put on 87000 miles with no issues except for a occasional pulsating brakes.have original brakes and changed the trans and rear end at 60,000.all highway travel.very good vehicle,best one i have bought .

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