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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1993 Honda Prelude

1993 Honda Prelude

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1993 Honda Prelude Problems

Brakes -- Verified

The front brake rotors can warp and cause a vibration when braking. The rotors will need to be machined or in cases where they are worn to thin, replaced to correct this issue.

Drive Train -- Verified

On some models the manual transmission fifth gear can grind on upshift due to a misaligned fifth shift fork. The transmission will have to be removed and disassembled and  the fifth gear, the fifth sleeve set and the fifth gear shift fork will have to be replaced to repair this issue.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

On some models a jingling noise from the rear can be heard due to uninsulated damper mounts. Both rear damper mounts will need to be insulated to quiet the noise.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

On certain models moisture can get into the rear wheel bearing and cause a noise. Replacing the rear bearing and hub will repair this problem.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

Corrosion on the antenna mast can cause poor reception. Replacing the antenna and any corroded parts will improve reception.

1993 Honda Prelude Questions and Answers

poloman, 1993 Honda Prelude, Huntington Beach, CA

with Honda's specifically accords and preludes are power steering pumps specific to the motors or could i use a single cam psp on my h22a ?

hurricane420, 1993 Honda Prelude, San Diego, CA

How much should I expect to pay to get my distributor and distributor cap replaced at an independent shop? They told me over $700 because it has to be a Honda distributor

Visitor, 1993 Honda Prelude, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Stanwood, WA

Turn key no acc, but turn allitle more to start, lights come on and can start soon as i let go of the key car dies?

BJS5770@yahoo.com, 1993 Honda Prelude, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Conyers, GA

when does the cooling fans kick on &how can I make sure their working right

whatdaheo23, 1993 Honda Prelude, 2.2L 4 Cylinder DOHC, San Antonio, TX

I has a ticking sound, so i went to go get a valve adjustment and then The mechanic said i have a bad lifter.. how much to get fixed?

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1993 Honda Prelude Reviews

i love my honda prelude si h23 with 4 ws...it has a coolant leak, and a couple oil leaks.... i really want to keep it but im a female that is only slightly mechanically inclined.... the four wheel steering turns off and the car starts to act slightly sluggish when its really hot outside... the car is so amazing when its a cold day outside, 4ws works it runs brand new can it be the oil leaks and the coolant leak.,.... i would love to keep the car its the best car ive drivin,,,, - woman who loves her prelude???

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