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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2000 Honda Passport

2000 Honda Passport

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2000 Honda Passport Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

On automatic transmissions the accumulator cover can leak due to failed o-rings. Replacing the o-rings and cover will address this issue.

Drive Train -- Verified

Chattering when cornering can occur when the limited slip differential fluid breaks down. Replacing the fluid will repair this issue.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Certain models may have a vibration issue at highway speeds that could be due to uneven tire pressures, tire rim out of specs, wheels out of balance, AC compressor bracket bolts not torqued correctly, misalignment of the steering shaft coupler, improper ride height, or wheel alignment out of adjustment. A qualified technician is needed to sort out these problems and correct them.

Drive Train -- Verified

Rear axle seal leaks can be cause by a plugged rear differential vent. Replacing the leaking seal and clearing out the vent will fix this problem.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

On some models the powertrain control module (PCM) software delays idle speed changes during cold starts causing stalling problems. A software update from Honda will repair this particular issue.

2000 Honda Passport Questions and Answers

passportlady, 2000 Honda Passport, Michigan City, IN

Started in July right after I had the seals replaced. Have replaced the throttle positioning switch, solenoid inside tranmission, cleaned switch on bottom of transmission.

Sometimes it will sh...

Foster1102, 2000 Honda Passport, 3.2L V6, Enterprise, AL

While driving it stalls like its going to stall out. The transmission has been check and its fine.

elmayfield, 2000 Honda Passport, 3.2L V6, Blackwood, NJ

i have a 2000 honda passport and when i'm driving after a while it starts smelling like gas

mike76502, 2000 Honda Passport, 3.2L V6, Tulsa, OK

a 2000 passport will stall out and start up again had a code read out saying fuel pump, pcm or and throttle body got any suggestions on what it might be

miaoma, 2000 Honda Passport, 3.2L V6, Gulfport, MS

i have changed water pump,radiator,head gaskets,thermostat,and it still run hot where is the bleeder on this truck

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2000 Honda Passport Reviews

The day I drove my passport of the lot my trouble began. The fuel sensor went out 400., the windshield wiper on the back window, and the other sensors that also went out lite my dashboard up like a christmas tree. One day my motor started ticking and sure enough there was no oil in the transmission, although I had recently changed it. No oil was in my driveway to give me any indication of trouble, it has all been shooting out the exhaust so I had no idea. Now it has set for 2 yrs. and I am going to give it a try and replace the tranny at at least 2500. on a vehicle that I payed off to have sit in my pole building. Don't buy one of these

I have a 2000 Honda Passport. I bought it used in '03 with about 50K miles on it. I have put less than 100K miles on it since then and already I have had to replace both the engine AND the transmission. This car has a nice interior, and looks classy, but without the function of the two main working components and nearly $8,000 of repair later, I wish I could take this hose beast out to the back pasture and put it out of its misery. A friend of mine once said that cars either have a great engine and bad body, or a great body and bad engine. This one definitely fits into the latter category.

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