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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1996 Honda Passport

1996 Honda Passport

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1996 Honda Passport Problems

Engine -- Verified

Varnish build up in the engine can cause one or more hydraulic lash adjusters to stick and cause a ticking noise in the engine. The noisy hydraulic lifter will need to be located and cleaned to stop the noise.

Drive Train -- Verified

Chattering when cornering can occur when the limited slip differential fluid breaks down. Replacing the fluid will repair this issue.

Drive Train -- Verified

A worn vehicle speed sensor driven gear can cause the speedometer not to work. Replacing the worn out speed sensor should correct this concern.

Engine -- Verified

On the V-6 engine, oil in the spark plug tubes can cause a misfire. Resealing the tubes as part of replacement of the valve cover gasket and replacing the spark plug wires will commonly repair this issue. On newer models the misfire can result in illumination of the Check Engine Light.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Dry suspension components can cause a spring-type pop when it moves. Lubricating the suspension will stop the noise.

1996 Honda Passport Questions and Answers

missbdst, 1996 Honda Passport, 3.2L V6, Duncan, SC

My airconditioner is making funny noises when I turn it on so I do not run it, it also is not blowing cold air

missbdst, 1996 Honda Passport, 3.2L V6, Duncan, SC

What fuse is needed for top interior light

missbdst, 1996 Honda Passport, 3.2L V6, Duncan, SC

window makes noises when letting down, scared to let down think it may not go back up

missbdst, 1996 Honda Passport, 3.2L V6, Duncan, SC

Been having an oil leak

roddylukes, 1996 Honda Passport, 3.2L V6, Las Vegas, NV

i was driving on the highway and my oil gauge dropped below zero, and my car locked up and shut off

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1996 Honda Passport Reviews

At 330,000 miles I've driven it around the country through snow and desert. If you keep up with it and can afford the fixes and maintenance, the car will certainly be good back to you. Although there has been a few occurring problems such as alternator, and oil leak. Not to say this isn't a great 90's SUV, but I'm at the point where if the catalytic converter needs replaced, or its just getting to old and expensive, I may have to put her down to parts..The little problems grow as with any older car

i've had this passport 4 1/2 years never had any problems, except it would have lifter noise when you first started it in morning.our temps have dropped to around 0degweather it has started tapping at low idle high idle, it sounds like a lifter i had going bad in a 350 once and i ran it like that for 5 years, am i going to get lucky with this one ???????? please help me ive got a big trip this monday and don't want to damage it more. please feel free to call me my number is 775-636-0066 my name is larry. thank yo so much

i just bought my 1996 Honda passport
the heating and A/C work fine, it does leak when raining from the front just above the windshild due to some rust on the top of the windshild frame, other than that it seems to be a good vehicle.
so far good on gas and does not leak any oil, feels more like a late 90's jeep. oh and there are no freakin cup holders
And it climbs and mudds alot better than the 1994 jeep Cherokee that i had in high school

The more work i put into this SUV the more i like it. doing something as little as replacing the brakes and shocks did alot more than i thought it would to the overall handling

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