1996 Honda Passport Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1996 Honda Passport

1996 Honda Passport
$394 to $703
1996 Honda Passport
$368 to $633
1996 Honda Passport
$1,022 to $2,100
1996 Honda Passport
$950 to $1,247
1996 Honda Passport
$131 to $272

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Varnish build up in the engine can cause one or more hydraulic lash adjusters to stick and cause a ticking noise in the engine. The noisy hydraulic lifter will need to be located and cleaned to stop the noise.

Chattering when cornering can occur when the limited slip differential fluid breaks down. Replacing the fluid will repair this issue.

A worn vehicle speed sensor driven gear can cause the speedometer not to work. Replacing the worn out speed sensor should correct this concern.

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It should go down to 0 but it idles fast. what is doing this. I replaced throdle cable and 4 02 speed sensors and h20 sensor and cleaned the idle control valve. what else can I do?

I have replaced the head,timing belt got it all in time still willnt start also put a new crankshaft sensor its got great fuel and the head has 175 psi on the compression what else can I check to see if it will ran

a timing belt and tentioner. I had a water pump a few years ago. What will I have to pay to get it fixed.

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i just bought my 1996 Honda passport the heating and A/C work fine, it does leak when raining from the front just above the windshild due to some rust on the top of the windshild frame, other than that it seems to be a good vehicle. so far good on gas and does not leak any oil, feels more like a late 90's jeep. oh and there are no freakin cup holders And it climbs and mudds alot better tha...

At 330,000 miles I've driven it around the country through snow and desert. If you keep up with it and can afford the fixes and maintenance, the car will certainly be good back to you. Although there has been a few occurring problems such as alternator, and oil leak. Not to say this isn't a great 90's SUV, but I'm at the point where if the catalytic converter needs replaced, or its just getting...

i've had this passport 4 1/2 years never had any problems, except it would have lifter noise when you first started it in morning.our temps have dropped to around 0degweather it has started tapping at low idle high idle, it sounds like a lifter i had going bad in a 350 once and i ran it like that for 5 years, am i going to get lucky with this one ???????? please help me ive got a big trip this ...

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