2012 Honda Insight Repair and Maintenance

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Honda Insight
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2012 Honda Insight
$347 to $666
2012 Honda Insight
$155 to $208
2012 Honda Insight
$160 to $207
2012 Honda Insight
$88 to $113
2012 Honda Insight
$29 to $65

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I bought my 2012 Honda Insight hybrid back September 24, 2015. It only had 51,000 miles on it when i got it. I changed the oil at Firestone because the car was new to me and I don't trust dealerships/ machanics and wanted to see the oil get changed. I put the full synthetic oil in it and now 3000 miles later no oil registers on the dipstick after an emissions light pops up on dash. Firestone said to bring it back at 5000 cause full synthetic c...

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My 2012 Insight along with may others appears to be consuming oil at an alarming rate and the "Check Emissions System light has come on. The car has 61,000 miles. Could this be covered by the California 10 year 150,000 warranty for emissions since my car is a CARB certified PZEV? I also hav...

I have a 2008 Honda Accord Sedan with 47,000 miles. I have read online that this seems to be an issue and the ABS Modulator needs replaced at costs of $1000-$1500. Also VSA controle module may need replaced as well and that costs additional. Spoke to Honda and this item is a recall on other 2008 ...

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