2012 Honda Insight Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2012 Honda Insight

2012 Honda Insight Questions

Recently I had a problem where ABS, Brake System and VSA lights turned on but after check at dealership found out that due to low battery bcoz of no use for a month car had electronic system failure so they reset the system but since then mileage of my car has dropped significantly from being 51...

Until few days back everything was fine and I move to California from chicago leaving my car there for few days while it gets picked up by transport company. When transport company came to pick up my car it did not start and ABS, Brake System and VSA lights turned on(Not a fault of transport comp...

this is first time when I am gonna take my car for service is it good to take at any service center or should I take it to dealer? And how much will it cost, there is no damage what so ever to my car?

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