2010 Honda Insight Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2010 Honda Insight

The automatic transmission (CVT) can have a "shudder" due to a worn start clutch. Replacing the start clutch should correct this type of shudder condition.

IMA computer software failures. Depending upon the computer it will have to be replaced or updated with a software update from Honda.

Fuel filler door may not open. Revised fuel fill push lifter is available from Honda to correct this issue.

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Checked fuel cap, it fine.. battery does not seem to be charging, any ideas?
Problem just started today, car seems to be running fine..
73000K miles, original owner..

My car was driven into at the front. (Reversed into) at around 22 miles an hour. Ever since the accident the car has been juddering when on inclines and at low revs. It also has issues when u put ur foot on the brake and declerate, most noticeable when u take ur foot off the brake and let it free...

Can hear faint clicks when button is moved up & down. Fuse is ok. Is this a bad master switch motor?

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In September of 2010, I chose to buy a car HONDA INSIGHT, as between the various brands that offered similar vehicles with low fuel consumption and equipped with innovative technology, I decided to put the utmost confidence in this car maker who enjoyed, and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. In order to buy the car, I went to the Honda's Agent, at that time, present in my city, after ...

I bought the Honda insight in April 2011, today is January 26/2012(20 months)I have over 52,000. I drive 104 miles roundtrip to work. The best performan was 67 mpg runing at 50 mph. I went to California twice an the average roundtrip 46 mpg at 70 mph, every trip was over 5,000 miles. This is a wonderful car. No problems

Great inexpensive lease -36 months, with 35 payments of $210, tax was the only out of pocket when I picked it up. You've seen gas prices, so the 41.5 MPG cut my weekly bill in half. In my opinion it's better on long commutes - around town it's very crude compared to the Prius. The problem I'm having is it didn't pass NYS inspection due to "emission sensors"; so I'm off to the dealer next w...

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