2003 Honda Insight Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Honda Insight

2003 Honda Insight Problems

Intergrated Motor Assist Battery Fail

Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) battery failures are not uncommon. The IMA battery will require replacement when it fails.

Shudder From CVT Transmission

The automatic transmission (CVT) can have a "shudder" due to a worn start clutch. Replacing the start clutch should correct this type of shudder condition.

Check engine light due to binding gas cap

A binding gas cap can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Replacing the filler neck is needed for this repair.

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2003 Honda Insight Questions

My outside ambient air temp sensor was cut off! I found it under the radiator pan! I can't locate the pink and green wires to reconnect it to on the front grill. (1 answer)

I need to trace wires that connect the ambient outside air temp sensor so my cars stops blowing hot air on me in FL!

can i continue to drive my honda insight without replacing the ima battery? (1 answer)

ima light came on at 108k - do not want to replace battery - will i cause additional damage if i drive on the gas only engine.

Can I change the wire control cable from my shifter to the transmission? (2 answers)

It is almost impossible to move the gear selection lever! Honda wants $300 to change it! Plus the part about $135. I have access to a car lift.

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