2011 Honda Fit Repair and Maintenance

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2011 Honda Fit
$142 to $247
2011 Honda Fit
$29 to $65
2011 Honda Fit
$359 to $486
2011 Honda Fit
$127 to $204
2011 Honda Fit
$175 to $390

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The A/C fan speed control switch stopped working, had my local Honda shop repair it. The Resister pack that controls the fan speed burned out. Simple fix except that on my particular year/model Honda had a service bulletin that stated there was a problem with the AC Fan that caused this resister pack to fail thus requiring the fan AND resister pack be replaced together. I had this done and have had no problems since then.

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The computer works when accessed manually. Wire from A/c compressor was cut due to an accident. Wire now reattached but get no signal. Result is the compressor has to work twice as hard, drains gas, shorts out. Needs signal from computer. How though?

Hole in pumper. Not sure if there is underlying damage.

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Had an 08' Fit until it was totaled. Loved that car. But this is an even better car. Was not sure I would have liked it as much as the 08', but after time it is just a more substantial car. More room in every direction, far better milage, better ride, fit and finish etc... With the 08', I had a hard time achieving 35 MPG. The 11' easily gets that around town. Drive 55 = 46 MPG, 65 = 39 M...

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