2007 Honda Civic Si Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2007 Honda Civic Si

2007 Honda Civic Si Problems

Replace AC Idler Pulley to Stop Growling Noise

The idler pulley for the AC compressor belt can fail causing a growling type noise. The idler pulley will have to be replaced to stop the noise.

Faulty head gasket may cause oil and coolant leaks

Certain models can leak oil externally or allow coolant into the combustion chamber due to a faulty head gasket. The head gasket needs to be replaced to correct this problem.

Brake pedal may feel hard during cold start at high altitude

On some models with automatic transmissions, during a cold start at high altitude the brake pedal feels hard. Replacing the power brake booster and updating Powertrain Control Module (PCM) the with a Honda software update is needed for this issue.

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2007 Honda Civic Si Questions

Clutch needs replacing. Honda dealer wants to replace tranny & do cylinder leak test as well. Quoting me nearly $2400. Sounds like they're extorting me. Need a better repair place. Help! (1 answer)

battery repl. Now, dash lts go dim when I turn on head lts. No engine light (2 answers)

80 chars killed me. I replaced the battery and now, when I turn on the head lights, the dash lights go dim. There are no indicator lights on. I have the CarMax warranty, but they don't answer their phones. Where else can I go that is covered by their warranty?

Do I need a tune-up? (1 answer)

My car has issues starting. When I turn on the ignition, the lights turn on in the dash, it crank a couple times, but does not start. I will wait a few seconds, and try again, until it starts. This will happen at least once a week. It can happen on a cold start and even after i drove for a bit. ...

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2007 Honda Civic Si Reviews

Great car, very reliable and fun to drive!
engine loves to rev, quick reliable little car.

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