2000 Honda Civic Si Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2000 Honda Civic Si

2000 Honda Civic Si Problems

Seat Belt Issues Covered Under Honda's Lifetime Seat Belt Limited Warranty

Some Honda Civics have seat belt issues that may be covered under Honda's Lifetime Seat Belt Limited Warranty. Please contact your local Honda dealer to see if your seat belt problem is covered.

Misfires and catalyst deterioration due to poor igniter connections

On certain models poor igniter connections can cause misfires and catalyst deterioration. Cleaning and securing the connections will correct the problem.

Oxygen sensor heater may fail
Primary oxygen sensor heater failures can cause a Check Engine light. Replacing the sensor is required to repair this issue.

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2000 Honda Civic Si Questions

What is the plug wire called that plugs into the vtech solenoid? (1 answer)

My wire has broke and need to replace....?

Mil code P0172 and P0170, running too rich (1 answer)

I have a b18c swap in a honda civic, this swap is ref'd and all i need is a smog check to register it yet the cel light wont go away.

I have replaced;
fuel filter
both oxygen sensor 1 and 2
cap and rotor

i borrowed a scanner and the manifold absolute pressure sensor reading averages ...

idle problems (1 answer)

Someone hit my 2000 honda civic, and now when i turn it on, it starts hard, i can only get it up to like 4.5 grand and then itll die down and if i open the throttle all the way, itll die, idk what to do, i think its the ecu or some senor

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2000 Honda Civic Si Reviews

A fast car...looks very nice and rare to get...

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