2001 Honda Accord Repair and Maintenance

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2001 Honda Accord
$383 to $920
2001 Honda Accord
$377 to $1,054
2001 Honda Accord
$273 to $579
2001 Honda Accord
$194 to $438
2001 Honda Accord
$682 to $1,826

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The front brake rotors can warp and cause a vibration when braking. The rotors will need to be machined or in cases where they are worn too thin, replaced to correct this issue.

Automatic transmission failures are common, Automatic transmission failure on these vehicles will generally require overhaul or replacement of the transmission. In the event of a  failure, it may be worthwhile to check with Honda to see if they may offer assistance for this repair. As these vehicles age, Honda has become less likely to help out with these transmission related repairs.

Front compliance (lower control arm ) bushings tend to crack and break requiring replacement.

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my alarm keeps going off at nite for now reason....how can i disconnect or fix the problem

The release mechanism opens both the trunk and the gas cap. The cap release stopped working, the trunk release still works. 2001 Honda Accord.

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In a crash that deploys the driver's front air bag, the inflator of the air bag can rupture, causing metal debris to strike vehicle occupants. Dealers will replace the front driver's air bag inflator free of charge to correct the concern.

On deployment in a crash, the driver side air bag inflator may rupture, causing metal fragments to strike and potentially injure occupants. Dealers will replace the driver side front air bag inflator free of charge to correct this problem.

This limited regional recall is for vehicles currently registered or first sold in Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and equipped with Takata-brand air bag inflators. Upon deployment the driver and/or passenger airbag inflator could rupture, increasing the risk of personal injury. Honda dealers will replace the affected airbag inflator modules to correct this concern.

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I have never been as dissatisfied with any vehicle as I am with my 2001 Honda Accord EXL. For the most part, this car has been good to us. We used it very seldom and have only accrued 57,000 miles on it. I am absolutely disgusted that the transmission has failed. A list of symptoms: Leaking fluid Slipping Jerking (especially when cold) D4 light blinking Check engine light is on At the deale...

Unlike the other reviews I haven't been so lucky with my Honda. Bought it used and at 47K miles my transmission had to be replaced. Due to the extention of the extended warrenty as a result of a Class Action suit, Honda had to replace it at no cost. When I reached 120K miles the replacement transmission died. I would love to say that this car is reliable but 3 transmissions before 120K mile...

I'm amazed so many people had issues with this car. Mine is 10 years old with 176,000 miles and still gets me into trouble with speeding tickets. I drive the Grapevine in California everyday and never have a problem pulling the grade. I've had to have the water pump and timing belts replaced but so far that's the wrost. For an average of 100 mile a day commute i'm not complaining. I love her! i...

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