2002 GMC Savana 2500 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2002 GMC Savana 2500

Repair Estimates

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2002 GMC Savana 2500
$603 to $968
2002 GMC Savana 2500
$550 to $839
2002 GMC Savana 2500
$106 to $166
2002 GMC Savana 2500
$123 to $184
2002 GMC Savana 2500
$265 to $313

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The tail light wiring harness in the cargo area is not protected very well. As a result it may become damaged due to normal wear a tear. This damage can causing some or all of the rear lights to stop working.

Various electrical components under the front carpet/rubber mat may become damaged if excess water is used to clean the rear cargo area.

One or more fuel injectors may become stuck closed causing an engine misfire  and the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Our technicians tell us that this problem can be caused by some fuel additives. There are special procedures which may be able to restore the affected injector. If this fails the affected injector must be replaced.

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When cold the first time turning over it will start if I touch the gas petal ,if it stall s I have to try 6-7 times before it will start ...getting very hard on my starter ...

my tire make a rumbling noise when on highway. what could this be.

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The retractor that secures a wheel chair in a handicapped conversion vehicle may be ineffective. Dealers will inspect and replace the wheel chair securement retractors as necessary to resolve the concern.

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