1991 Geo Prizm Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1991 Geo Prizm

At higher mileages, (125,000-150,000) the automatic transmission may not shift correctly. This can be caused by the throttle position sensor being out of adjustment or a shift solenoid needing to be replaced. Typically the transmission does not need to be completely overhauled.

The engine mount on the passenger side of the car can wear out on cars with high mileage. This will put extra stress on the other mounts and the faulty mount will need to be replaced.

The EGR System tends to get restricted or blocked with carbon after 100,000- 125,000 miles which will cause an emissions test failure for NOX. If the EGR system is equipped with an EGR temperature sensor it will trigger a Check Engine Light for improper EGR flow. The repair is to clean out the EGR passages and the EGR Temperature sensor. Our technicians tell this repair is pretty straight forward and takes about 1-1.5 hours. It is also wise to verify the EGR system components i.e. the Transducer, EGR Valve and VSV Solenoid at this time.

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Uped to 30 amp fuse works a while then blows. Same problem again. Mechanic thinks might be in the compressor. Do I need to replace it?

Im unable to figure out what wires are what and go where on the new stereo there is no wiring harness and im unable to figure the wires out

car only has 50000 miles, good condition

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A relative gave me a 1991 Geo Prizm in Sep 2009. It sat in a garage for 2 years without moving. Replaced battery, oil, spark plugs, distributor cap & wiring harness, and filled it up with premium gas to mix with the aged gas. Has run smoothly ever since. I quickly found out that this was one of the most reliable cars ever made. After reading this and other forums, I'm excited to get this little...

1991 Geo Prizm. Have 239,000 miles and still going strong. Does not burn a drop of oil. Had the transmission replaced at around 100,000 when the after drive ran dry (most auto dealers do not check this for fluid, one even told me it didn't have an afterdrive!)Has had new timing belt and numerous starters etc. But this car is incredibly reliable. I keep putting new tires on it thinking it is the...

super good i love it

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