1995 Geo Metro Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1995 Geo Metro

1995 Geo Metro Problems

Warped rotors due to uneven lug nut torque

The brake pedal may pulsate on apply due to warped brake rotors. This condition is commonly caused by uneven lug nut torque. Proper lug nut torque is recommended to try and avoid this concern.

Engine vacuum leak from throttle body gasket

An engine vacuum leak from the throttle-body base gasket may result in a rough idle and/or stumble on acceleration. If this occurs, replacement of the failed gasket will be necessary.

Check Engine Light due to poor fuel quality

Our technicians tell us these vehicles are sensitive to fuel quality. Using fuel of marginal quality can result in illumination of the Check Engine Light with misfire or oxygen sensor fault codes stored.

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1995 Geo Metro Questions

Not fireing (2 answers)

altenator quit used spar battery ,turns over but no fire

Transmission..... Car will not move in gear. (1 answer)

I put the car in 1rst gear and the engine will excelerate but not move same with all the rest of the gears . What is the problem ? (manual transmission)

Need To Know Details About Sevicing My A.C (1 answer)

When I HOOK Freeon Guages Up To My Car Should The Car Be Running Or Not

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1995 Geo Metro Recalls

Rear Wheel Studs Break

The rear wheel studs may brake and cause the rear wheels to separate from the vehicle. Dealers will replace the rear brake drums free of charge to resolve the concern.

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1995 Geo Metro Reviews

i have a 1995 geo metro lsi 2d automatic and i dont know whats wrong with it you have to shift it even though its an automatic and it hate going up hills cutting off every time i try.
I bought a 1995 Geo Metro 4-cylinder four door in 2004 for my daughter to use at college. She used it for four years, and I acquired it after she got married. I have used it as my daily work commuter (40 miles/day) ever since. The odometer just cleared 225,000 miles and I expect to get at least 300,000 miles out of it. There was one engine failure due to a broken timing belt (my fault; at that ...
Best car I ever owned. Bought brand new in 95 with 6 miles on it. Still running at 205,000 miles. Smooth ride on highways, some normal amount of rattle over tracks and neighborhood driving. 39 mpg hwy, 35 city. Driver side window is slightly difficult to roll down. Paint still shines. Interior has normal fading on dash. Faithfully changed oil every 3000 miles. Normal repairs, breaks, tir...

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