1991 Geo Metro Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1991 Geo Metro

1991 Geo Metro
$600 to $882
1991 Geo Metro
$341 to $567
1991 Geo Metro
$693 to $935
1991 Geo Metro
$344 to $421
1991 Geo Metro
$410 to $1,798

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The brake pedal may pulsate on apply due to warped brake rotors. This condition is commonly caused by uneven lug nut torque. Proper lug nut torque is recommended to try and avoid this concern.

An engine vacuum leak from the throttle-body base gasket may result in a rough idle and/or stumble on acceleration. If this occurs, replacement of the failed gasket will be necessary.

The spot welds on the hood striker may be misaligned causing the hood not to latch properly. The correction is to install oversize washers under striker mounting bolts to secure the striker.

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icant get gas to spray out the throttle body if you pour gas down it it will run till what you poured in is used up ive tried running a jumper wire and still nothing. Ijust cant get the injectors to open it just died going down the road it was just like the key got turned off ...

Do I have to completely take off the timing belt shroud and it looks like there is only one bolt to the wp housing under the shroud.

where is the oil fill for the manual trans

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