2010 Ford Transit Connect Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2010 Ford Transit Connect


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Ford Transit Connect
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Ford Transit Connect
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2010 Ford Transit Connect
$424 to $689
2010 Ford Transit Connect
$212 to $864
2010 Ford Transit Connect
$683 to $1,161
2010 Ford Transit Connect
$282 to $410
2010 Ford Transit Connect
$323 to $966

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The door weatherstrip attached to the body at the top of the door has fallen off (both front doors) on all of these vehicles we've owned.

Every one of these vehicles have had to have new wiper blades within the first 5k-6k

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Certain vehicles, fitted with a specific Braun wheelchair lift, has a roll stop latch on the outer barrier of the wheelchair lift that may become bent or misaligned over time and with frequent use. Main Mobility is working with Braun to notify owners and Braun dealers will repair the lift as necessary to correct this concern. This recall only pertains to vehicles altered by Main Mobility. General Motors and Ford are NOT involved in this recall.


The pushpins that secure the b-pillar trim to the headliner are not compliant for crash protection standards. Dealers will repair the vehicles free of charge.

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What a piece of shit will never buy another ford again. JUNK

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