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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1991 Ford Tempo

1991 Ford Tempo

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1991 Ford Tempo Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

The vehicle may lose vehicle speed signal, which can affect speedometer operation and transmission shift quality. Most often the Vehicle Speed Sensor is faulty, however, at times, the driven gear inside the transmission is at fault. Replace the Vehicle Speed sensor and inspect the driven gear upon sensor removal.

Engine -- Verified

Sludge build up in the throttle body can cause a poor engine idle, stalling, and/or hesitation. The correction is to install a new idle air control valve spacer kit to prevent the sludge build up, set the base idle, and clean the throttle body.

Drive Train -- Verified

If the throttle lever is out of adjustment, or the grommets are missing / broken at the throttle or transmission, the automatic transmission can shift hard. Replace the grommets as needed and adjust the throttle lever.

Engine -- Verified

Outdated software in the engine control processor can cause poor engine performance, hesitation on acceleration, and possible stalling problems. The processor will need to be replaced to get the updated calibration.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Internal heater blower motor issues can cause a ticking noise from the heater blower when the fan is on. To correct this concern, replace the heater blower motor with a revised unit.

1991 Ford Tempo Questions and Answers

nschwede, 1991 Ford Tempo, Maple Lake, MN

what's the cost of repairing a stuck valve?

Visitor, 1991 Ford Tempo, Rosie, AR

i need step by step on removing transmission

Visitor, 1991 Ford Tempo, Aberdeen, WA

need to remove wheel spindle and replace it

patrick777, 1991 Ford Tempo, Walkertown, NC

im getting fluid from one side but not the other,not the most further away. any suggestions? thanks

topaz, 1991 Ford Tempo, Bushnell, FL

HI,We just replaced the tranny and had to just about remove the whole engine also, well got it done and know it wont start, we thing it the ground wire need to know where it goes. we mounted on the...

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