1991 Ford Tempo Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1991 Ford Tempo

The vehicle may lose vehicle speed signal, which can affect speedometer operation and transmission shift quality. Most often the Vehicle Speed Sensor is faulty, however, at times, the driven gear inside the transmission is at fault. Replace the Vehicle Speed sensor and inspect the driven gear upon sensor removal.

Sludge build up in the throttle body can cause a poor engine idle, stalling, and/or hesitation. The correction is to install a new idle air control valve spacer kit to prevent the sludge build up, set the base idle, and clean the throttle body.

Outdated software in the engine control processor can cause poor engine performance, hesitation on acceleration, and possible stalling problems. The processor will need to be replaced to get the updated calibration.

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Motor is running I can hear it..but the seat belt is not moving.

Transmission filter was changed, since the replacement, car will only shift into first gear and reverse.

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