1990 Ford Tempo Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1990 Ford Tempo

1990 Ford Tempo Problems

Speedometer Operation Affected and Poor Transmission Shift Quality

The vehicle may lose vehicle speed signal, which can affect speedometer operation and transmission shift quality. Most often the Vehicle Speed Sensor is faulty, however, at times, the driven gear inside the transmission is at fault. Replace the Vehicle Speed sensor and inspect the driven gear upon sensor removal.

Automatic Transmission Shifts Hard

If the throttle lever is out of adjustment, or the grommets are missing / broken at the throttle or transmission, the automatic transmission can shift hard. Replace the grommets as needed and adjust the throttle lever.

Ticking Noise from Heater Blower When Fan Is On

Internal heater blower motor issues can cause a ticking noise from the heater blower when the fan is on. To correct this concern, replace the heater blower motor with a revised unit.

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1990 Ford Tempo Questions

1986 Ford Tempo leaking transmission fluid behind radiator. (1 answer)

Do you suggest tracing the leak or just use BLUEDEVIL transmission sealer? Just pours out when running and drips when off. Transmission not going in 1st smoothly but 2nd/3rd fine.


what would cause brake fluid to need to be filled often,brakes work great (1 answer)

i am filling brake fluid about every 3 days

if i put a 90 tempo in drive and rock the car, will the moter turn, (1 answer)

i believe the starter is jammed , tried to start on a clod morning and she cranked a little then stopped , since then i just get a thunk when i turn the key, think its is from the starter

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