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2004 Ford Ranger

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2004 Ford Ranger Problems

Engine -- Verified

A buzzing type noise may be noted from upper engine area at about 1900 RPM, under light acceleration. Our technicians tell us this can be caused by loose ignition coil bracket bolts. Coil bracket bolts should be checked for the correct torque before further diagnoses is performed.

Drive Train -- Verified

If a noise from the rear end is heard when going around turns or after driving at highway speed for an extended period, this could be caused by a failing deferential clutch kit. An updated differential clutch kit available.

Engine -- Verified

The magnet for the camshaft position sensor may fall out of its mount and damage the synchronizers. This causes long crank times when starting the engine and may cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. If this happens, both the magnets and the synchronizers need to be replaced.

2004 Ford Ranger Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., July 19, 2004

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled certain 2004 Ranger trucks due to a flaw in the design of the frame center rail flange. In a side impact crash, the flange may puncture the fuel tank, which can cause a fire hazard. Dealers will inspect the frame and if the problem exists, the vehicle will be replaced.

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Electrical & Lights, July 7, 2011

RepairPal Expert Overview:

An internal fault may develop within the multi-function turn signal switch. This can affect turn signal, tail, hazard, and/or brake light operation. Non-functioning exterior lights could increase the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the multi-function switch to correct this concern. This recall is scheduled to begin on August 15, 2011. The Ford recall number is 11C18.

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2004 Ford Ranger Questions and Answers

lovetheride, 2004 Ford Ranger, 4.0L V6, Denver, CO

Can I replace the exterior mirror glass only on my Ranger? A senseless vandal used it as a target and broke the glass but the housing and remote is still fine.

jsize, 2004 Ford Ranger, 3.0L V6, Randleman, NC

my brake lights arent working, but all other lights are, and the fuses and bulbs are good and i replaced the brake switch at the top of the pedal also and still i have no lights --what could this be?

daniel p, 2004 Ford Ranger, 3.0L V6, Camarillo, CA

i have a 2004 3.0 ranger and my motor has a squeak coming from it.it doesnt squeak when i initially start it but after about 30 seconds it all begins, its not the belts but it sounds like it is com...

Nutlug, 2004 Ford Ranger, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Kaneohe, HI

I filled the master cylinder, opened bleeder valve, got two squirts then nothing. Now I can't get any pedal back at all. Without dropping the transmition, is there something I missed?

Patty57, 2004 Ford Ranger, Chapel Hill, NC

Do I have to take the whole dash off to replace the motor and the door if it is broken? I've read that I can just pull out the radio to replace the motor..but what about if the door is broken...

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2004 Ford Ranger Reviews

I recently bought a 2004 Ford Ranger V6 with 95,000 miles on it. The engine light came on and it was the 4th cylinder. The cylinder was replaced and so were the wires. A week or two later, the service light comes on again. It is reading the 4th cylinder again. P0304 code == cylinder 4 misfire. Also 6.1 & 6.9 showed...
It is a 3.0 engine.
I read that it probably should have a compression test done.
Any one have this problem or any suggestions?

I bought my ranger 2004 FX4 xlt 5 speed manual 4.0 new and she has not missed a beat! The only maintenance items I have had to do was replace an O ring in the thermostat housing. I have just went over 192000 miles. My truck stills starts every time and does not seem to have lost any power. I would not hesitate to take he on accross country.

This is a review of a 2004 XLT 4x4. With one big exception (for those who drive off-road or on rough gravel), this is a great pick-up. It runs well, drives good (except on studder bumps/washboard), handles just about anything you throw at it, is solid and dependable. For me the "fishtailing" was a huge concern -- since I drive on 35 miles of gravel on a daily basis. When the bed is unloaded, the truck is virtually impossible to handle when you drive across washboard. I know because this fishtailing action caused a roll-over. I was driving about 40-45 mph when I came across a section of dirt/gravel road which was rough (some people call it washboard, some studder bumps). The rear of the truck whipped around so quickly I couldn't make a correction....it felt as if a giant took ahold of the rear end and whipped it around; like the tailgate was trying to pass the hood. The truck slid into a ditch then rolled (from wheels to roof to wheels). Thankfully, I was belted in. The result is a tribute to the sturdy build of this little truck. The engine continued to run, all the lights worked (including dome -- even though the passenger side roof was crushed against the head rest) and the radio was still playing --- it was if nothing happened. I got my senses, retrieved all the stuff which flew out of the cab then drove on into work. Yes, after rolling this truck, I drove almost 40 miles to work. The truck didn't sputter, rattle, shake or shimmy....it continue to run great! The only "injury" I sustained was a tiny piece of glass in the top of my head.....no cuts or bruises! Amazing! Thank God.

If you avoid washboard (or keep a couple hundred pounds in the bed), then you'll be happy with this pick-up. I highly recommend it.

Always used Ford Rangers for delivery trucks, Can't beat them. Tried to use Toyotas but they demand a premium price so we stuck with Rangers very reliable.

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