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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2009 Ford Mustang GT

2009 Ford Mustang GT

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2009 Ford Mustang GT Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

If a squeaking noise is heard while turning the steering wheel, the outer tie rod ends may be worn and should be replaced.

Engine -- Verified

4.0L V6 engines may develop a buzzing type noise from the upper engine area at about 1900 RPM, under light acceleration. Our technicians tell us this can be caused by loose ignition coil bracket bolts. Coil bracket bolts should be checked for the correct torque before further diagnoses is performed.

2009 Ford Mustang GT Questions and Answers

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noise when making turns

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2009 Ford Mustang GT Reviews

I bought a 2009 Ford Mustang GT Premium (45th Anniversay Edition) and it is a piece of crap. I spent over $1200 before could diagnose that the air conditioner relay was faulty. This relay killed my battery, my alternator, and one of the fuse boxes in the Fix Or Repair Daily. To make things better, Ford has not offered to compensate me for buying their worthless, made in America crap. By the way, I bought this car when I was deployed in Iraq in 2008.

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