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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2007 Ford Mustang GT

2007 Ford Mustang GT

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2007 Ford Mustang GT Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

If a squeaking noise is heard while turning the steering wheel, the outer tie rod ends may be worn and should be replaced.

Engine -- Verified

4.0L V6 engines may develop a buzzing type noise from the upper engine area at about 1900 RPM, under light acceleration. Our technicians tell us this can be caused by loose ignition coil bracket bolts. Coil bracket bolts should be checked for the correct torque before further diagnoses is performed.

Engine -- Verified

Our technicians tell us the spark plugs in this engine can be very difficult to remove. Ford has issued a service bulletin (08-7-6) to address this issue, which includes a recommended procedure on how to remove the plugs. Failure to follow the recommended procedure can result in the one or more spark plugs breaking off in the cylinder head.
The recommend procedure is as follows. Using this procedure will greatly reduce the chance of bre...

2007 Ford Mustang GT Questions and Answers

centenova88, 2007 Ford Mustang GT, Lewis Center, OH

How much would it be to replace the ball joints on the fron left side? since the ball joints are non serviceable would the control arm also be replaced?

boweeve, 2007 Ford Mustang GT, Atlanta, GA

tapping noise in from engine

sdelahoya, 2007 Ford Mustang GT, Mount Pleasant, TX

just installed underdrive pulleys on my mustang gt and the oil pump stopped working, is the new pulley the cause of the failure?

Visitor, 2007 Ford Mustang GT, Santa Anna, TX

My "Check Charging System" light went on. On the way home all of a sudden the eadhlights started flashing, cd player started ejecting all of the cd's and keep trying after they were...

syscoach, 2007 Ford Mustang GT, Memphis, TN

i was told there were 2 to each car

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2007 Ford Mustang GT Reviews

I have a red 07 GT its my third mustang and I love it

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