2014 Ford Fusion Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2014 Ford Fusion

2014 Ford Fusion Problems

Swollen Lug Nuts

I was told that all of my lug nuts were swollen and that they did not have a wrench to fit them to get them off, so they could rotate and balance the tires. They said it was due to a poor design and they had just gotten swollen and could break off at any moment. They had to break them off to put the new ones on because they were stripped and no wrench could fit them. $250 later-because they could only find lug nuts directly from ford that woul...

Harsh or Delayed Shifting of Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission may develop shifting concerns. On lower mileage vehicles, upgrading the software in the powertrain control module (PCM) and the transmission control module (TCM) may correct the problem. As the mileage increases, internal transmission damage can occur. Repairs could involve replacement of the valve body or a complete transmission rebuild. Whenever major transmission repairs are made, it is important to be sure the PCM and the TCM have the latest software updates to help prevent these issues from reoccurring.

CD Player not working

I had to replace my battery and ever since, my CD player is not working .. any suggestions

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2014 Ford Fusion Questions

Why a brand new car would need brakes and rotors with less than 25000 miles. I guess I shouldn't have bought a Ford. (2 answers)

Had minor paint work on the right side, and the painter removed both outside (2 answers)

door handles and now they will not open from the outside. they APPEAR they are not pulling out as far as the left side handles. Is there an adjustment for these handles to work? They worked fine before removing them, the painter said his research said he should not have removed the Torx set screw...

How do I rest my low tire pressure indicator? (2 answers)

After a heavy rain my Low tire pressure message and indicator light went on. After putting the propper amount of air in it was still on. I was told it would auto reset. But it didn't.

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2014 Ford Fusion Recalls

Power Steering Assist Loss

For vehicles located in cold weather states where road salt and other contaminants may be present on the road, the mounting bolts for the power steering gear motor may corrode and break. As a result the steering gear motor could detach from the steering gear. This would result in a loss of power steering assistance, and make turning the steering wheel more difficult than usual. Dealers will inspect the steering gear motor and replace the steering gear assembly on vehicles where broken or missing attachment bolts are found. If the bolts are intact, dealers will apply sealer to prevent corrosion, and will replace affected bolts as necessary. All repairs will be performed free of charge to resolve the concern.

Door Latch Fault Due to Component Failure

A component within a door latch can break making the doors difficult to latch when closed. This could cause the driver and/or passenger to believe their door is secure when it is not. A door that is not latched properly could open unexpectedly while driving, increasing the risk of personal injury and property damage. Dealers will replace all four door latches free of charge to correct this concern.

Unexpected Vehicle Roll Away

All modern vehicles with an automatic transmission have an interlock system where the ignition key cannot be removed unless the transmission is in Park. These vehicles are being recalled because this interlock system can fail. If the key is removed when the transmission is not in Park, the vehicle could roll unexpectedly resulting in personal injury or property damage. Dealers will repair these vehicles as necessary to correct this concern.

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2014 Ford Fusion Reviews

We bought our Ford Fusion 2014 in September of 2013. Since then we have had to replace the rims on the car because they keep losing their clear coat. We replaced them at 6000 miles and then again at 21,000 miles and now at 40,000 miles the same problem is occurring and they are stating that they can't replace them because the 36,000 mile warranty is up. It has only been 15,000 miles technica...

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