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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2012 Ford Fusion

2012 Ford Fusion

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2012 Ford Fusion Problems

Brakes -- KatieK and 5 others

Let's see, had to replace rear brakes and rotors at 27000 miles, have had to replace all 4 tires, 11000 miles after brakes and rotors were replaced I hear a grinding noise so I take the car back in-have to replace both yet again (which they were still under warranty where I had had them replaced, so it was free thank god), but then they tell me that the rear driver's side calipers had seized up-so goodbye to 400.00. Plus calipers would have be...

2012 Ford Fusion Questions and Answers

JerryG_1, 2012 Ford Fusion, 3.0L V6, San Antonio, TX

Our new Fusion had 10000 miles on it now. How do we cut costs on the major mileage checkups (example: 15K, 30K, 60K, etc) without affecting the extended warranty we purchased? We wanted a Hybrid ...

JerryG_1, 2012 Ford Fusion, 3.0L V6, San Antonio, TX

How often does one need to rotate the tires to maintain the 100,000 mile warranty?

osita, 2012 Ford Fusion, 3.5L V6, Lemoore, CA

Doesn't really happen in the city (stop and go traffic) but on the freeway and long country roads. Sounds like rocks or debrie is being kicked up.

kiyoo, 2012 Ford Fusion, Clinton, IA

and scratching sound from the engine.

JerryG_1, 2012 Ford Fusion, San Antonio, TX

Can you please tell us which Ford Dealership in San Antonio is least expensive yet very reliable for maintaining 100K warranty? We have had so much over costs in maintaining our cars before. We do...

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