2004 Ford Freestar Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Ford Freestar

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On higher mileage vehicles, one or more EGR orifice in the intake manifold may plug with sludge. This can cause the engine to misfire when first accelerating because too much exhaust gas is directed into the cylinders where the orifice is not plugged. Cleaning the clogged passages should correct this concern.

Runs fine for an hour or so. Then (not always) hesitates from 1st to 2nd gear (40 to 45 mph), rpms run up, You let off the gas peddle a little and it jumps into 2nd gear, then runs fine.

1st time this began I changed the transmission fluid and this stopped it for a while. Also replaced the Coil after the code showed up.

Had no new code show since, but jumping still persists.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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put a new battery in did not help

I have no air conditioner at all. NO air comes out in the interior of the vehicle. I have replaced the fuse for the air conditioner in the black box in the side of the engine however, nothing still comes out. I have no ideas of what the problem might be, perhaps a switch underneath of the tempera...

I removed it from tranny and then after taking apart everything on wheel hub including the c.v Nut It wouldn't come out no prying twisting hammering would get it more than an 1-4" out 3 grown men couldn't we destroyed the threads to shaft protruding by at least two inches into a mush...

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The third row seat can experience rust at the seat anchor mechanism mounted to each rear wheel well. As a result, the seat may not fully latch into its seating position. If the vehicle is hit from the rear, an unlatched seat may increase the risk of injury. Dealers will install new third row seat latch striker mounting brackets to correct this concern.

On certain vehicles, the torque convertor output shaft may fail, resulting in complete loss of power to the drive wheels. This vehicle stalling condition increases the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the torque convertor to correct this concern. The Ford recall number is 11S25.

The brake lines may have been improperly routed and may chafe on the sway bar. This can cause the lines to develop a brake fluid leak. Dealers will inspect the routing of the lines and secure them if no chafing is found. If chafing is found, affected brake lines will be replaced free of charge to resolve the problem.

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This is the WORST minivan I've ever had. It has had 2 transmissions replaced, steering went out,brakes are not the greatest, air conditioning went out twice. And check engine light stays on constantly no matter what I do, and the transaxle light continues to blink non stop. JUNK!

Just over 100k and the engine is shot. Gas mileage was never too good 15 mi average. Brakes have never been that good either. pedal goes most of the way to the floor.

Let me just say this is by far the worst mistake i have ever made. i have a 2005 Ford Freestar and had to replace the trans @ 45k. this van is worst than a lemon it's really sour grapes!!!! i have to now at 60k replace the master air flow as well as the evr valve or whatever you call it... i feel like many of you all i wished someone would've stole this headache because it's worst than raising ...

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