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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2011 Ford Flex

2011 Ford Flex

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2011 Ford Flex Problems

Brakes -- Verified

Defective anchor brackets for the front calipers can cause abnormal brake rotor and pad wear concurrently. Noise can be heard while braking, a grunting or grinding from the front. The caliper anchor brackets should be replaced with revised parts, and also replace the rotors and brake pads.

2011 Ford Flex Questions and Answers

FordFlex2011, 2011 Ford Flex, w/o Turbo, Tempe, AZ

My 2011 flex has not even covered 35000 miles and it started jerking while driving. Took it to a dealer and they say i have to replace transmission, ptu, drive shaft and ptu bracket. i have full wa...

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