2013 Ford Fiesta Repair and Maintenance

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2013 Ford Fiesta Questions

Can Air conditioner pully just come loose without it being the whole ac compres (1 answer)

Air compressor unit

hy can anybody tell me what is this part caled ? (1 answer)

postimg.org/image/8sflvn7kx/ this is the part in the black circle is broken and i need a new one but i dont know how is it called

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2013 Ford Fiesta Recalls

Door Latch Fault Due to Component Failure

A component within a door latch can break making the doors difficult to latch when closed. This could cause the driver and/or passenger to believe their door is secure when it is not. A door that is not latched properly could open unexpectedly while driving, increasing the risk of personal injury and property damage. Dealers will replace all four door latches free of charge to correct this concern.

The Passenger Side Curtain Air Bag May Not Deploy as Expected

An occupant in the right rear seat will not have coverage from the side curtain air bag in a side impact collision when the front passenger seat is empty, increasing the risk of injury to the right rear occupant. Although the air bag system was designed to suppress the side curtain air bag under this scenario, Ford dealers will reprogram the vehicle's software to deploy the air bag whether the passenger front seat is occupied or not. The Ford recall number is 12C26.

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