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1990 Ford F-350

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1990 Ford F-350 Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Catalytic converters can go bad and potentially plug the exhaust, hurting engine efficiency and performance.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Failure to change the power steering fluid can cause the fluid to become gray with metal particles. The contaminated fluid can damage the power steering pump resulting in a growling noise when the wheel is turned; the damaged pump will require replacement to eliminate the noise.. Life of the power steering gearbox and pump will be shortened if the fluid is not serviced regularly.

Engine -- Verified

The engine oil pan gasket can develop a leak. Leaking oil may accumulate on the exhaust system resulting in a burning smell. Replacing the gasket should correct this leak.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

A ticking noise may develop from the engine due to a warped exhaust manifold. Damaged exhaust manifolds will require replacement to correct this issue.

Drive Train -- Verified

The tachometer sensor may fail; if the tachometer needle jumps around and the transmission has harsh shifts or does not upshift, this sensor should be checked. This sensor is mounted in a cover at the front of the motor.

1990 Ford F-350 Recalls (Recent)

Brakes, June 20, 1990

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled certain 1990 F150-F350 trucks because the incorrect master cylinder was installed. The master cylinder installed is not large enough, which can inhibit braking force. Dealers will install the appropriate master cylinder.

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Brakes, July 17, 1990

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled 1990 F-Super Duty trucks and F-Super Duty Motor Home chassis because of the hydroboost steering gear return line plumbing. On certain vehicles, due to the routing of the return line, the hydroboost may stay engaged lightly, which may cause added brake wear and tear. Dealers will replace the return line and repair damaged brake components.

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Drive Train, July 17, 1990

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled certain 1990 E and F Series 4x2 vehicles equipped with an E4OD transmission and a one piece driveshaft due to an issue with the park mechanism in the transmission. Some vehicles may experience a failure to engage the park gear, which can cause the vehicle to roll if the parking brake is not set. Dealers will replace the snap ring and install a revised extension housing

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Electrical & Lights, June 7, 1996


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Engine, October 28, 1993

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled 1990-1993 F150, F250, and F350 trucks due to a faulty fuel pressure regulator and malfunctioning fuel pump check valves. Fuel may transfer from one tank to the second tank, causing a possible overflow condition and fire hazard. Dealers will replace the fuel pressure regulator and install redundant check valves.

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1990 Ford F-350 Questions and Answers

john deere, 1990 Ford F-350, 7.5L V8, Kalamazoo, MI

When using my front tank my gas gauge does not always work, just ussually when i fill it up. If i turn the truck off and turn it back on it will no longer work. When i use the back tank the gauge w...

john98626, 1990 Ford F-350, Gasoline, Kelso, WA

Is there anyone out there who can help me?? I have a motor home with a ford 460 motor. It has 53K miles and runs like new. The problem I got is it burns a qt. of oil every 75 to 100 miles. It doesn...

cocoralph, 1990 Ford F-350, 7.3L V8 Diesel, Jackson, WY

four wheel drive lite stays on as well it will come on. I have control on the fly. (dash electronic). however it is not engaged.

duh, 1990 Ford F-350, 7.5L V8, Raymond, NH

tried to bleed by removing line at slave and filled slave with fluid, after filling slave I put line on and worked the slave several times at the fork, then I repeated as described above. When I pr...

survivorstough, 1990 Ford F-350, 7.5L V8, Harrisburg, PA

1990 Ford F350 w/ 460 Fuel injected engine. after driving a bit when weather is hot it drops a lot of power, chokes, bucks badly. the fuel filter is new. there is no catalytic converter & the...

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One day my truck just quit running, for no apparent reason. Fuel pump cycles at turn of key, It has spark, it has 45 psi at fuel valve on rail. Noid light on injector plug is dark upon engine cranking. I replaced the EEC and still no good. Please help

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