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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty

2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty

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2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Delamination of the diesel fuel tank can occur resulting in a loss of power due to debris clogging the fuel filters. In some cases the fuel injection pump and/or fuel injectors have also been damaged. Ford has issued a service bulletin (#19728) addressing this concern. This issue can affect all diesel F-350, F-450, F-550, F-650, and F-750 Super Duty models.

Engine -- Verified

The high pressure diesel fuel injection pump may fail, resulting in a "no start" condition.

Engine -- Verified

The cooler for the EGR valve can leak coolant internally, which causes white smoke to come from the tail pipe. Hot exhaust gases are cooled by the EGR cooler before being circled back into the engine.

Engine -- Verified

A severe lack of power may develop because the hose from the turbocharger to the intake manifold can come loose, resulting in loss of boost pressure to the engine.

Engine -- Verified

An illuminated Check Engine Light could indicate that one or more of the ignition coils has failed due to excessive spark plug gap. To fix this problem, the ignition coils that have failed, the spark plugs, and all coil boots should be replaced.

2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty Recalls (Recent)

Electrical & Lights, July 22, 2005


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Engine, June 20, 2005

RepairPal Expert Overview:

On trucks equipped with the 5.4L V8 or 6.8L V10, the fuel jumper line may have an end that was improperly formed and could allow fuel to leak. The engine may lose power and eventually stall. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may result in a fire. Dealers will install an external retention clip at the fuel jumper line to the main fuel bundle connection. The recall began June 20, 2005. The Ford recall number is 05S33.

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2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions and Answers

sboat, 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty, 6.0L V8 Diesel Turbo, Sumter, SC

Summer or Winter, the first cold start of the day is very rough. One cylinder fires. After five seconds, Two cylinders are firing, Five more seconds, Three, then Four, and eventually Eig...

sboat, 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty, 6.0L V8 Diesel Turbo, Sumter, SC

First bought used 10 Months ago my F-350 Auto H & A System worked fine. One day found the auto system inoperative (I thought), but later found that just like an ailing automatic transmission i...

kipper, 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty, Diesel, Point Roberts, WA

Back up Warning sensor not working on a f 350 truck.
Thanks in Advance

lealbitua, 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty, 6.0L V8 Diesel Turbo, Pharr, TX

My ac sometimes does not turn on when I turn the truck on. I can try turning on and off and it will not work. Sometimes it will come back on after 15 to 20 minutes or not at all. My brother'...

vettecrazy, 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty, Los Angeles, CA

how do you replace a cab roof light on a 2005 f 350

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2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty Reviews

I purchased my first light duty truck in Feb 2010. It is an F350 dually, king ranch, crew cab with the 6.0L diesel. The truck looks great and runs great, now that I have put a new long block in it with ARP head studs,new head gasket, new high pressure oil pump,steering gear and did some basic maintenance items. I will admit, I pushed the engine but nothing too extreme that any well MAINTAINED diesel should have been able to take. Even after spending over $9k on the engine, I love the truck and wouldn't consider buying anything other than Ford. Especially after talking to several diesel mechanics and engine builders that said the engine is a great engine but you must keep up with the basic maintenance (fluid changes, brakes, shocks, etc). Take care of the truck and the truck will take care of you.

Should have bought a Chevy. Let my wife talk me into the F-350, big mistake. There is always something broken on this truck. The 6.0 diesel is the least dependable on the road, pulls good.... when it's running. It's had close to $6k spent on the engine, auto climate control problems, wheel bearings, heated seats, the list goes on and on. Ford has gone through 4 diesel engines since 2002, I hope the 2011 works for them because my next super duty will be a heavy duty, Chevy.

I bought this truck used, but it has run great. Have only had a few minor engine issues. I love to drive it, and plan to keep it for many more years.

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