2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty

2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems

Smoke From Tail Pipe Due to Failed EGR Valve

The cooler for the EGR valve can leak coolant internally, which causes white smoke to come from the tail pipe. Hot exhaust gases are cooled by the EGR cooler before being circled back into the engine.

Coolant Leak from Radiator

A coolant leak from the radiator can be caused by a defective thermostat bypass. This can cause pressure spikes in the cooling system, which leads to radiator failure. The thermostat assembly and radiator should be replaced.

High Pressure Oil Pump May Fail and Cause "No Start" Condition

The high pressure diesel fuel injection pump may fail, resulting in a "no start" condition.

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2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

random misfire code 0300, and 0302 keep coming back (1 answer)

At 125,000 miles had random misfire code 0300, 0302, 0307, and the throttle body one(don't remember number) replaced all spark plugs, still coded on 0302, replaced cylinder 2 coil and boot, still coded random misfire and cylinder 2, replaced throttle body and that code is gone but still 0300,...

after getting to normal temp, there is no power when accelerating from stop (1 answer)

truck has 75,000 miles after warming up, from stop to 60 it takes 1 1/2 miles of babying the gas pedal if you give it too much gas (as in normal acceleration) r.p.m's will drop off to almost a stall

After towing 100-200 miles Turn truck off and won't start ti'll it cools down (1 answer)

I run truck 6.4 liter towing small load and will not overheat but when I stop to either fuel up or just turn truck off it won't start till it cools down a bit cranks for a while before it starts been doing this this week what can it be and also the exhaust clean I u been coming on quite offten

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2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Recalls

Fuel May Spill in a Frontal Impact

On certain trucks, the fuel tank may move forward in a frontal impact, possibly damaging the fuel delivery module and allowing fuel to spill. This could cause a fire in the presence of an ignition source. Dealers will install a reinforcement bracket free of charge. The recall began May 23, 2008. The Ford recall number is 08C04.

Aftermarket Lift Kit Blocks May Be Damaged

The welded lift blocks may compress due to over tightening of the u-bolts or excess vehicle payloads, reducing the clamping force of the u-bolts. This could result in shifting and damage to the rear axle and drive shaft. Truxx will replace the affected lift blocks with non-welded aluminum or cast iron blocks to correct this concern. This recall is scheduled to begin on April 16, 2008. The Truxxx recall number is 08-01BLK.

Some Driver's Seats May Need Reinforcement

Improper welds on some 40 percent split and captain's driver seats may allow the seat back to break at the seat pivot bracket. In a crash, if the seat pivot breaks, the risk of injury to the driver is increased. Dealers will add a reinforcement to the driver's seat back frame on both style seats or replace the seat back frame if necessary. The recall began March 28, 2008. The Ford recall number is 08C01.

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2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Reviews

Truck rides better than my other car, a G-35 Infiniti. Steering is tight and bumps are absorbed without bounces being felt in the cab. Step/handle in tailgate is fabulous. Only complaint is mpg, so far with a little over 1,000 miles on the truck, its doing 12mpg. I'm hoping for an improvement as I put more miles on the truck.
My 08 Superduty has just over 70000 well taken care of miles. Earlier this summer I noticed a radiator leak. $1200.00 for a new radiator. Just after that repair, $350 for a new exhaust probe. Now at 73k I'm told I need new upper and lower ball joints and that my steering box is leaking badly - together another $2500.00. Not to mention that every time I touch the driver's side door handle I ...
worst truck I've ever owned,blown motor at 120,000 now may need another at 240,000 The dealer want touch it now. NEVER will I buy another Ford .

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