2011 Ford Expedition Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2011 Ford Expedition

2011 Ford Expedition Problems

Blower Motor Only Works on High

The 2007-2016 Ford Expedition with manual temperature and fan controls may have problems with the the blower motor only blowing air on certain settings. Most commonly the fan will only run on the highest setting. This is a well documented problem, and is caused by a failing blower motor resistor.

Correcting the problem is straight forward, and requires replacement of the small resistor. The resistor is normally found behind the glove box, next to the blower motor.

A/C Fan Speed Changing Constantly

The 2008-2016 Ford Expedition with automatic climate control may have a problem with frequent fan speed changes when using the heater or air conditioner. Normally, the fan speed changes only to maintain a selected temperature, but when the fan speed changes frequently and needlessly, there is an issue with the fan speed control unit. 

The fan speed control unit, sometimes erroneously called the blower motor resister, regulates the speed for the blower motor in order to maintain the temperature set by the driver. When it fails, the fan will run at random settings, and the climate control will be inaccurate.

Note: this does not affect the temperature of the air that comes from the vents, it affects the amount of air that comes from the vents. 

The repair is simple, and quick. The control unit is located behind the glove box in most models, and removal and installation takes only minutes.

Also note: this only applies to vehicles with single or dual automatic climate control.

Transmission Leaking Oil

2011 Ford Expedition King Ranch with 22,000 miles was gushing transmission fluid while driving. The entire back of the truck was covered with this fluid. Transmission began slipping and the powertrain light came on. Ford has had my vehicle for 1 week stating they need to replace the transmission pump. But they weren't sure if that was even the problem. Although the vehicle is under warranty, they refuse to provide me with a replacement ve...

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2011 Ford Expedition Questions

Vehicle continues to flash check engine & service light and locks into 3rd gear. (1 answer)

We have had the vehicle into the mechanic several times. They have walked through the vehicle wire by wire and reset the computer but it continues. When everything is reset the vehicle usually runs a day or two with no problems, then the issues re-occur.

There is a clicking sound coming from the console when the vehicle is started. (1 answer)

The sound lasts for about 10 seconds and goes away. Occasionally it will happen when driving, but always when it is started.

My ac is just blowing hot air. It make s a loud noise when turned to max cold. (1 answer)

It stop working instantly. It happened as I was leaving from getting my tire fixed. Could that have something to do with it not working? My car has 40,000 miles on it and is in great shape.

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2011 Ford Expedition Reviews

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Bought this car new from dealer. 6 months later, the air compressor jammed and belt was smoking. Took it for maintenance 3 times, still my AC not fuctioning well. I regret buying a Ford. Gentelmen, beware from buying cheap cars. Japanese cars are more reliable.

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