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2004 Ford Expedition

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2004 Ford Expedition Problems

Engine -- Verified

An illuminated Check Engine Light could indicate that one or more of the ignition coils has failed due to excessive spark plug gap. To fix this problem, the ignition coils that have failed, the spark plugs, and all coil boots should be replaced.

Engine -- Verified

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The mass air flow sensor (MAF) may fail resulting in a rough engine idle, hesitation on acceleration, and/or engine stalling. The Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate. A failed mass air flow sensor will require replacement.

Engine -- Verified

There is a technical service bulletin for the V8 engines regarding a possible problem with the spark plug being ejected from the cylinder head, damaging the threads in the spark plug hole. If the vehicle is under warranty, cylinder head replacement is recommended. If the vehicle is out of warranty, Ford authorized the use of a specific thread insert to repair the head.

Engine -- Verified

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An illuminated Check Engine Light may indicate that the spark plugs are worn; this will cause intermittent misfire and damage to the coil packs.

Engine -- Verified

The PCV hose may crack, causing the vehicle to idle roughly, this may or may not illuminate the Check Engine Light.

2004 Ford Expedition Questions and Answers

D. White, 2004 Ford Expedition, 5.4L V8, Mobile, AL

I have a 2004 ford expedition chrome rims. I have owned the expedition for about a year. I came with the chrome wheels. I have never used the 4x4 drive. My kids were in it and I think one of them t...

blitz, 2004 Ford Expedition, 4.6L V8, Nashville, TN

I have been told that I have one bad coil out of the 8 but, they are telling me that I need to replace all of them at once. They say that if I don't replace all of them, that they will all go...

ford04, 2004 Ford Expedition, 5.4L V8, Mission, TX

My 2004 expedition rear air unit is making a clicking noise every time I turn it on, the good thing is that cool and warm are come out but I just don't know what it is? any advise?

MJDuly1, 2004 Ford Expedition, 5.4L V8, Bonita, CA

this is what comes up on the computer readout. all indications fron gage & lights do not show a problem. the computer showes 12/14 volts. i just had a smog test & this mesage cam on after t...

schwabmichael, 2004 Ford Expedition, 5.4L V8, Nordheim, TX

how to change the spark plugs

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2004 Ford Expedition Reviews

This is another one for the good reviews column. I have a 2004 Expedition that currently has 357,000 miles on it. Other than normal wear it has been a phenomenal truck. It is out of service now because it has blown the same spark plug out for the third time, resulting in it needing to have the head replaced (or another engine).

Overall, an excellent truck - however, I admit I replaced this one with the same make I have before the Ford.

I've owned my 04 Eddie since 2006. Had the hood and rear door repainted because of bubbling paint on the front edge of hood and around the inside of rear door and outside handle. I called Ford in 08 about the problem and they stated they only warranty their paint for 3 years. Wow! Not impressed. Had 1 bubble spot come back on hood due to obvious aluminum contamination. No warranty on that! I have 130000 miles on it now. The vehicle does run great. I've had no other problems other than replacing 1 tire sensor gage.

I have a 2004 Expedition that I purchased in October of 2005 with only 1600 miles on it. It's now 10/17/2012 and I have over 121,000 miles on it, and KNOCK ON WOOD, it is running perfectly! Aside from the normal wear and tear that a car goes through and a hole on the roof of the truck that I am going to get fixed. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Expedition!

I have a 2004 Ford Expedition with paint blistering on the edge of the hood. Ford knows they have a problem, just trying to keep it to themselves. I found out today by searching the internet that they issued a technical service bulletin on December 27, 2004 titled Aluminum Corrosion, number 04-25-1. The issue as described in the bulletin: "Some Vehicles may exhibit bubbling or blistering under the paint on aluminum body parts. This is due to iron contamination of the aluminum panel." The bulletin goes on to say, "Testing has revealed that the aluminum corrosion was caused by iron particles working their way into the aluminum body part, prio to painting."

It covers most 2000 to 2004 larger cars, suv's and pick-ups including the expedition, explorer and f-150.

Now you know the problems, a latent manufacturing defect. So far no luck in getting for to fix the problem. They say their corrosion warranty won't cover it unless the metal is perforated, even though they label the service bulletin as aluminum corrosion.

Hi, I have a Ford Expedition 2004, And i would like to know why one time are truck O/D Flashed and after that we started losing the second gear then it kept going to the RPM 4000 and switched to the next gear, We took to the Transmition place and they checked and they said there was nothing wrong with the transmition! If you know what can be wrong can you please text me back! Thank you.

Kakin13@yahoo.com :)

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