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1998 Ford Escort

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1998 Ford Escort Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

There are reports of failures of the CCRM or Constant Control Relay Module.  The CCRM has relays and switches inside that control or provide power to the engine cooling fan, AC clutch (to engage the AC compressor), fuel pump and powertrain control module (PCM).  Single switches or relays can fail internally causing a number of different symptoms including no start conditions (inoperative fuel pump or PCM), engine running warm due to ...

Engine -- jjalba9 and 3 others

I purchased my 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 from a private owner. His daughter had been using it to travel back and forth to college. The price was right, and so was the mileage at just 112,000 miles. Aside from the few to be expected highway dings, the vehicle was in good condition. One morning when I went out to start it I noticedthat the car was idling very low, below 1,000 RPMs. It actually stalled once or twice. I ruled out an electrical problem ...

1998 Ford Escort Questions and Answers

jhog, 1998 Ford Escort, 4 Cylinder, Overland Park, KS

I have a 98 Ford Escort. I have taken it in to 2 dealers. Both have told me that a blower switch was stuck on cold. They switch it to hot and replace then it stops working after 2-3 weeks. What...

jsimmons88, 1998 Ford Escort, 4 Cylinder, Norfolk, VA

I seem to remember a light on the gearshift console that showed where the shifter was (P/R/N/D).
Helpful in the dark. That light is out and I can't see how to get to it to change it. I have c...

Koep, 1998 Ford Escort, Akron, PA

Hello, I need a radio code for a ford escort (a rds 6000) serial: m040060. If anybody could help me, I would be very thankfull.

idbountyhunter, 1998 Ford Escort, 4 Cylinder, Winter Park, FL

The odemeter stoped working, and the trip meter does not work. All other gauges work fine. Thank you for your time.

MorganD, 1998 Ford Escort, Panama City Beach, FL

My horn will not work. I press the steering wheel and there is just a click when I press on it. How can I fix it? I don't know much about cars but, if I have the right instructions I can do it.

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1998 Ford Escort Reviews

My 98 Escort was my first and only new car purchase.I have had the clutch replaced,and when they did that they found the rear main seal was leaky,the oil sending unit had a drip,and a couple of soft plugs had to be replaced also.I also had the altenator replaced.the timing belt has also been replaced and car runs ass good as new again.It now has 207 tousand miles on it and still averages 35 mpg. The ac works like new and has never had to be charged up.All other things have just been generral maitanace things.The paint is a bit rough but has sat outside alot.All my other cars died befor they even got near 100 thousand,all were american made cars.Thank you Ford for making such a dependable car, I hope to see 300 thousand miles befor I pick out a new model of Ford to purchase. But I will keep the Escort unless it is wrecked for centimental reasons.

my car is a good car but i want more power and a lil better mpg. i have the dohc 2.0 and for some reason when siteing for a few or driveing in hot weather if the a/c or heater is not on it starts to over heat and i dont know why but it the winter it will read cold... Iv changed the theremostat a few times its not that and its not my water pump what can it be... also when stoping my car makes a clicking noise that sounds like it comes from the front passenger side could it be worped rotor throughing things off making it click? and what can i do thats cheap to get a lil more power and better mpg...

1998 escort with 2000 engine. Best car I have ever owned. 165,000 miles and only spent about $300.00 on it outwside of normal maintenance. I have a Caldillac that rides better and quieter but has not been as good a car. I hgave owned Cadillacs since 1988. The Escort is my run about car but often take it on trips. Drives and rides good. 36 MPG.

not a bad car, but lately having alot of problems with it, the car when i start it seem sok, but when i give it gas, it wants to die, so i just let it die, and then when i restart it, it runs fine like nothing was ever wrong with it..

i bought a 1998 ford escort zx2 last year. i love the car its reliable its quick sometimes i feel my engine losing power other then that i never have a problem. I bought it for $500. the guy i bought it form bought 3 cars since i had my escort. i would like to update the style and make it personalized however i have no job.

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