1997 Ford Escort Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1997 Ford Escort

1997 Ford Escort Problems

The Constant Control Relay Module May Fail

There are reports of failures of the CCRM or Constant Control Relay Module.  The CCRM has relays and switches inside that control or provide power to the engine cooling fan, AC clutch (to engage the AC compressor), fuel pump and powertrain control module (PCM).  Single switches or relays can fail internally causing a number of different symptoms including no start conditions (inoperative fuel pump or PCM), engine running warm due to inoperative cooling fan, or the AC might not blow cold air.

Valve Seats on Cylinder Head May Fall Out and Cause Rough Running/Noise

Valve seats (components in the cylinder head that help seal the valve) can fall out. When this happens, it causes rough running and creates noise. Replacement of the cylinder head is commonly required to fix this problem.

Cylinder Head Replaced Due to Crack Between Valves

The engine may overheat due to coolant loss as a result of a cracked cylinder head. In most cases the cylinder head will require replacement to correct this concern.

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1997 Ford Escort Questions

My car is making a loud noise, sounds like the tire, but is not. (1 answer)

I have taken it to 3 places and no one seems to figure out what it is. It starting making a loud noise, sounds like it coming from front driver's side. Like there is a bubble or something with the tire, but car place, not tire.

Why won't my car show signs of power after connecting replacement battery? (2 answers)

Replaced old battery with a brand new one
Connected cables to new battery. There was a spark. Car shows no signs of power.

Engine overheated, lost power, cranks can't restart? (1 answer)

Apparently looks like there is no spark!
Got a code p0320.
Service engine light came on.
To get to the crank sensor also took timing cover off, on the mark.

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1997 Ford Escort Recalls

Recall 02V323000

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1997 Ford Escort Reviews

I have had three Escorts (1988, 1997 & 1998) all delivered great fuel economy and all started faithfully no matter what the weather. For the money, this little car gives great value. I have driven virtually every competitor, both foreign and domestic and found that the Escort holds up very well in comparison. Honda's double wishbone suspension and overall engine technology are better, Toyota'...
I bought my 1996 ford escort back in 2005. I just Love My Car!! It's now 14 years old and I'm thinking it will be needing major tune up soon. In the 5 years I have owned this car The only thing I have done is the basic oil change at Walmart every 3-4 months. I just recently replaced the battery and now my check engine light comes on. I love this car but I don't want to have to start dumping m...
I bought my 1997 ford escort in 2009.12000k on it. It gave me lots of problems. please don't by this car.

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