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2012 Ford Escape

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2012 Ford Escape Questions and Answers

Debs2012, 2012 Ford Escape, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, Gardner, IL

how much will that cost approx?

Debs2012, 2012 Ford Escape, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, Gardner, IL

how much will that cost approx?

ariabella33, 2012 Ford Escape, 3.0L V6, Rossville, GA

I was making a turn today and all of a sudden my oil/gas lights came on and it noticably lost power. It didn't turn off, but I could tell something happened. I just had my oil changed last w...

bmorris9993, 2012 Ford Escape, Charlotte, NC

how do you remove the inner door panel on a 2012 ford escape?

Unit1, 2012 Ford Escape, Canton, OH

Second time for this issue. Acts like battery is dead. Opened hood and after short period, vehicle started. Acted like there was an open electrical thermostat that had opened after and opening hood...

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2012 Ford Escape Reviews

I purchased my escape on February 13, 2013. It had only 11967 miles on it. On day three, I had to get it towed b/c the temperature went to hot, check engine light came on, and the vehicle wouldn't move. The dealership claimed it was a bad sensor and that the problem was fixed. The vehicle broke down four days after being fixed and left us stranded in the dark in a dusty field. I'm completely unsatisfied and will never purchase Ford again. My paper tags are still in the window and it broke down twice.

We have a 2012 Ford Escape with 6,000km and we are getting a dull, low - clunk,clunk,clunk coming from the passanger side rear. Happens pressing gas, break or driving on uneven roads such as dirt/gravel. Anyone know what this is?

New 2012 Ford escape makes a static noise in the bake passenger rear side of the truck. This happens 2 to 3 times a week. Ford claims they can't find a problem anyone else having this problem??? Air conditioning really loud.

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