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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid

2007 Ford Escape Hybrid

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2007 Ford Escape Hybrid Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The hybrid models have a coolant pump that cools control electronics. The pump can fail or spin slowly, which causes a Check Engine Light to illuminate and complete engine shut down.

Drive Train -- Verified

An abnormal noise may develop from the transfer case. At this time parts are not available to repair internal damage to this type of transfer case, replacement is the only option. It is not uncommon for irregular tire wear to cause a similar noise. Diagnoses should be performed to confirm the actual cause of the driveline noise. Tire noise can be reduced by rotating the tires at least every 5000 miles.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

Hard driving conditions, including quick starts from a stop and hard acceleration up hills, can cause the rear motor mount to crack. The broken motor mount needs to be replaced, otherwise damage to the hybrid drive system may result.

2007 Ford Escape Hybrid Questions and Answers

tinaswan1, 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Magnolia, TX

I've lost my key. The local dealer says I have to get it towed to their location and can expect a fee of $200+. Is there another way? Can a locksmith help? They are 20 miles away and it'...

Visitor, 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Sanderson, TX

can you jump a hybrid just like any car?

eworyi, 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Saint Paul, MN

code says emission level is beyond threshold

TLC2007, 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid, Bellevue, NE

I got the "Stop Car Safely" message Monday afternoon on the way home from work. Because it was late afternoon and I was a female alone in a questionable part of town, I had the car towed ...

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2007 Ford Escape Hybrid Reviews

my escape stop turning on yesterday, i went to a car wash and some water got in from the passenger side tailight and wetted a button that says "reset button". and i was wondering if anybody had the same problem and if i replace it would it start driving. also i checked the fuses and all of them work except 3 fuses that are inside the car fuse box on the passenger side.
And all my lights turn on when i turn the key, it just dosent start. and also it says :stop slowly now"
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not had any problems with my 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid. No overheating. Good acceleration. Have taken on several long trips into the mountains, through the desert, driving for hours at a time. No problems. Only complaints are that the ride is like a truck rather than a car (stiff and rough), and the mileage has decreased to about 31 mpg. Stll that is about 50% better than my previous vehicles (a minivan and a station wagon).

Not for trips. Overheats at the drop of a hat. Lots of issues that should be recalled. Was nice for the first year, though.

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