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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid

2005 Ford Escape Hybrid

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2005 Ford Escape Hybrid Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The hybrid models have a coolant pump that cools control electronics. The pump can fail or spin slowly, which causes a Check Engine Light to illuminate and complete engine shut down.

Drive Train -- Verified

An abnormal noise may develop from the transfer case. At this time parts are not available to repair internal damage to this type of transfer case, replacement is the only option. It is not uncommon for irregular tire wear to cause a similar noise. Diagnoses should be performed to confirm the actual cause of the driveline noise. Tire noise can be reduced by rotating the tires at least every 5000 miles.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

Hard driving conditions, including quick starts from a stop and hard acceleration up hills, can cause the rear motor mount to crack. The broken motor mount needs to be replaced, otherwise damage to the hybrid drive system may result.

2005 Ford Escape Hybrid Questions and Answers

FordHybrid, 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, Springfield, VA

Can I reset the light? Would not start or jump start. Called AAA and they found bad cell in engine battery and replaced it. Still won't start. Took to dealer and they replaced hybird battery a...

Visitor, 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, Payson, AZ

locate the air conditioning low pressure valve.

redt356, 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, Auburndale, FL

and the same two coils show bad on computer so changed again
and still says 2 are bad same ones do you have any ideas

Miguelq, 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, Sumner, WA

Oil was full clean not hot. Anti freeze full barely warm. been driving 55 for 1 hour in mountians. Restarted the escape did it 4 more times on the way to destination. Drove home next night 1.5 hour...

genlock, 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, Baltimore, MD

My reading using a calipar was around 1.935 to 1.955 inches. Does that fall within spec?

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2005 Ford Escape Hybrid Reviews

only a couple of issues,1. coolant pump failure. 2. auxiliary blend door actuator failure. both issues will cause vehicle to enter failure management mode,wrench light on,vehicle will barely move.other than these concerns,the only thing I do on these vehicles is scheduled maintenance.

Has been nearly flawless except for one time which was resolved due to a recall on the hybrid battery system. Otherwise it has had zero quality issues...it's not a sports car or a luxury vehicle but it has certainly performed all the tasks it was engineered to do.

This car was a pretty good car for the three years that I have had it. However, it seems to be a pretty common thing for it to not outlast 65,000 miles. Recently had my car completely shut down in the middle of driving. Waited 20 minutes and it started back up. I got it home and it never left my driveway again. Had it towed to the dealership who replaced the waterpump of all things. It got me home and again has not left my driveway since. That repair cost me over $400 in labor and $290 in parts. Now I'm out over $700 dollars and still don't have a functioning vehicle. Will not take it back to that dealership for the RUDE costumer service and overpriced services, not to mention the complete failure to fix the problem. I'm looking around and also pricing and replacing parts myself suggested by other FEH owners who have gone through the same. Once I get it running, I'm trading it in.

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